The King of Fighters XV – 10 essential gameplay tips to know

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The King of Fighters XV is now out for everyone to enjoy, so why not take these 10 essential tips with you! Covering material that ranges from easy to advanced, a lot of what is in this video is absolutely critical to mastering KoF XV! Also make sure to check the playlist linked at the end of this video for a lot more goodies and guides!

0:00 – tip #1 Regaining health
2:56 – tip #2 Regarding jump-in attacks
4:43 – tip #3 MAX mode savings
7:42 – tip #4 Grabs are scary
9:25 – tip #5 Grab protection
10:24 – tip #6 Making complex inputs easier
14:56 – tip #7 Fastest attacks may surprise you
16:30 – tip #8 Guard Points (armor moves)
18:49 – tip #9 Counter Hits
20:58 – tip #10 Empty / Kara canceling
22:39 – Final thoughts


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  1. It is now officially proper King of Fighters XV launch day! So lets celebrate with 10 essential tips to help you out! Covering topics easy through advanced, timestamps are in the video if you want to skip around. Make sure to check the playlist linked at the end of the video for more guides/combos/resources as well! If the video helped you out then consider leaving a like, as it helps the video and the channel! Other than all that, its time to play some KoF!

  2. One of the most useful Kara cancel is with dinosaur and his tail swipe CD. Canceling his CD late enough can gain a lot of range, he can surprise the opponent from about 1/3 of the screen and vacuum them into his command grabs.

  3. I knew there must have been some kind of rule against grabbing people on wakeup, because it kept doing heavy punch.

  4. A KOF with rollback means I can relive my middle school years even MORE accurately by getting bodied by Brazilian Clark players. First KOF I've played at release since 2002. 20 fkn years ago. Jfc.

  5. Jumps are weak and there is dragon punch moves to obliterate them plus evade rolls.
    Throws are such short range attacks that they are useless throws are scary because you will eat combo if you try and miss. If I'm backing to block attacks and I'm instantly out of throw range, will block the heavy attack and punish with combo.
    Complex moves having shortcuts? why are those so complex in the first place that they need shortcuts??? that is flawed design from the old era of arcades forcing players to buy arcade sticks and not play with controllers this ends up in the game not being accessible.
    Guard point and now added Shatter Strikes I don't get it why there are 3 types of blocks/armor + rolls

  6. The buffer is something that is so fascinating to me. I remember trying to do Athena's trial and the Phoenix Arrow cancel into the double half circle super was absolutely killing my fingers.

  7. Watching these as a 13 and 14 vet. It's good to see in the comments people giving this game a chance! Keep trying! You'll love the game when you get the hang of the neutral, input buffers and max mode cancel combos 🙂 we are here to help!

  8. What difference between the 90s and early 00s KOFs? Because I'm coming back to the series and it just run and feels different. I feel like I don't know what I'm doing at all at times going back to old habits.

  9. Counter wire has been soo long ago, but thankfully not everyone can do it and it makes people like Maxima even more special. Thanks for the vid man.

  10. How do you beat armor then, if multi hitting moves are iffy at best ? I'm gonna do some testing, but I'm confused 🤔

  11. Is there any input or buffering tricks to enable performing QCF motions while running forward? In the example of Robert who I have played the most, there seems to be a lot of situations where I would like to run forward a bit for spacing and position and fireball out of the run however I simply CANNOT PERFORM THIS. I haven't been able to perform a fireball from a run a single time, the input buffer always gives me a F, HCF super or a DP no matter any variation I have tried to perform with the motion. Is there a trick to this or is it simply not possible in this game?

  12. Im sorry but I can't seem to perform special moves to start a combo because for example; Andy Bogard, his second trail involves a quarter circle forward after a forward/back light punch instead of it performing his elbow I get his spinning uppercut. Im new to fighting games and finished the tutorial with all the super cancels which was fun but I can't seem to string together anything.

  13. Man oh man! First KoF game. Really went ahead and picked my team only based on my favorites. Played online….. really gotta take your time overall to learn your character, ha? XD

  14. You're doing God's work with these videos. New sub and you're absolutely right, I am one of the newer kof players that xv is my first one 😅 thank you so much!

  15. Can someone help? Maybe some tips or something
    I'm struggling with cancel into super with Heidern. Have been practice repeating moves from this video, and for Dolores and Ryo it's work every time, but not for him

  16. For tip 6, on double quarter circles I'm finding doing a 360 then half circle forward bizarrely works. Really helps when cancelling into them from specials

  17. Cant express the joy i got when I was watching this video and Ryo popped up detailing how to execute his inputs. My brain was getting fried trying his combos, i was like “damn I didn’t think I was this bad” lol. Rooflemonger I definitely appreciate you making all the content that you do. Thanks for taking a newbie like me under your wing lol.

  18. Is there an input trick for Iori Rekkax2 into Yaotome super? Finding this cancel performed honesty extremely tough though I’ve pulled it off a few times in training. Seems important to his game plan 😕

  19. I saw tip 6 and when you started talking about banging my head into a wall (and I guess I pulled out hair too), I IMMEDIATELY knew you were going to say Heidern's trial!
    I did it via mashing before but it was so annoying and 100% unreliable, BUT adding that with your video on Button Hold Trick, now I actually feel comfortable using him!
    Its like butter its so smooth now!

  20. These will definitely help newcomers in the long run. I, myself, been playing this since '94 (but loved '98 and 2003 as a kid)!

  21. Hello rooflemonger I have a question I need a little help with something I purchased kof 15 and I've already unlocked all of the bgm music however when I go into the DJ station to customize my music the music can't be sampled it can be chosen but the music will never play but the default music can play but not the unlockable music thanks for your support in advance

  22. That's absolutely stupid that the game thinks that half circle back and forward is a dp motion FFS this is hurting my old Street fighter brain

  23. I'm from the side of the fgc that has never really played a kof game before this, and I'm really appreciating all the great newbie content for it my friend.

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