The King of Fighters 15 Review – The Final Verdict

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The King of Fighters XV is a huge upgrade over its predecessor in its visuals and presentation, and its minor tweaks to gameplay make an already stellar franchise even better.


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  1. lol at all the fanboys defending the arcade mode… come on guys, it's like the absolute bare minimum and nothing more.

  2. Man, i ve had it with story in fighting games, fighting games dont need a story, a foto at the End of the game for each team is all that i need, a picture is a 1000 words. Here is the story for all fighting games, all the characters hate eachother and they want to be the best in the world.

  3. I hate when fighting game copy paste Netherrealms Studio's style of story mode. It sucks ass and it doesn't work for every fighting game. Thank God SNK didn't commit that sin.

  4. Its nice to have a fighter with small ending snippets again. This game feels pretty polished but a bit barebones more like an arcade game port with some bells and whistles. However in comparison to how little many other fighters offer it feels quite substantial, although sadly it looks like it has succumbed to the DLC pandemic almost all fighters have, still im more willing to put up with it here since the initial roster is already fairly good in terms of quality and quantity.

    First fighter in a few years that I have felt like sticking with.

  5. You can tell this dude has no idea what he's talking not to mention he's trash at the game. And the thumbnail is from a character thats currently NOT in this game.

  6. Something feels off with this review. For one the player looks like its first time playing the game. The combos on display aren't made the player but seems to be the auto combo system instead. Maybe I'm just picky but the same could be said for ign review. Feels like I'm listening to complaints rather than a review. Maybe I'm out of touch when it comes to the fighting community.

  7. bad animation, annoying in game caster, worst projectile animation, staged are dull, most character looks off..
    shatter expectation my ass

  8. I don´t know why seeing this review´s gameplay seems like he is trying to play it like if it was a street fighter.

  9. I don't understand why devs can't make KOF a better looking figthing game. Its 2022 for fuck's sake. A little improvement over 14, the graphics for 14 was completely trash, and this is pretty close to trash. 12 and 13 had such amazing graphics, don't know why they abandoned those sprites

  10. I, for some reason, am so disappointed with the game. So much that I canceled pre-order yesterday. Honestly expected more.

  11. Look dude you're hardly a fighting game reviewer. This game is actually on another level in terms of competitive play. Especially as the footsies this time around is far better than it was before.
    One thing I'm noticing a lot, is the people reviewing this game are not real fighting game players

  12. I love everything about this game but for some reason im struggling so much to imput correctly quarter circle and half circle commands. Anyone else with that problem? Any advise?

  13. To understand the story mode, you need to finish the game with the Hero team, then the Rivals and finally the Sacred Treasures.

  14. This review felt antagonistic, 39 new characters, a next gen not OG Xbox graphics not worth an upgrade this is crazy

  15. opening seconds

    embarrassing button mashing on display

    journalist mode in action, not even the auto combo can hide how bad the player is

    the moment you see that you know the review is a complete waste of time

  16. Just asked for a refund, just couldn't stomach the graphics, some characters graphics look way too generic compared to the older KOF games. Not counting 14, it was even worst than this. In some regards the art direction reminded me of a mobile game… looking at you K'.

  17. It's not exactly fair to say that the campaign is only 2 hours long then completely forget to mention that there are alternative endings for literally every team in the game including secret teams

  18. Nearly 40 seconds into the video until the dude starts talking… And he talks like he's narcced the whole time. Get to the point.

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