The greatest in-game musical in history (#ad)

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Thanks to TinyBuild for the sponsorship! Not For Broadcast comes out on Steam on January 25th, check it out here:

Not For Broadcast is a game I checked out when it originally came out in early access 2 years ago! Now it’s finally out in version 1.0 with a staggering amount of irreverent (and troubling) full motion video, check it out!

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  1. You should raise the game volume a little, I know it's better normally so that people can hear you but the story is so funny in this you should probably raise it a little so it's easier to hear.

  2. Can you imagine how funny it would be if this game was multiplayer? Lmao, like someone controls the cameras, someone is the broadcaster, and someone is like well another aspect of this. That would just be so funny

  3. Me the first time NL switched to camera C in the final sequence: You idiot

    Me the last time NL switched to camera C in the final sequence: You genius

  4. Abortion needs to be legal solely so that people don't break out into song and dance when they have an unwanted pregnacy.

  5. I played this a few months ago and my play through is pretty different. Really enjoying seeing the differences without going through it all again myself.

  6. 1:28:25 his fucking face after making a reference he immediately realized no one but him was going to get, followed by a hasty sweaty explanation, sent me into orbit.

  7. NL trying to keep everyone pogged up whilst the game is going into the tragedy of war and nuclear conflict was a wild moment.

  8. I saw the first ep on YouTube, immediately knew I had to watch the vods. It meant I stayed up super late, but it was absolutely worth the ride.

  9. "I've never felt this much in control in my life" is the line that prompted me to look to if I liked this video yet or not lol

  10. LOL, they consistently misspell "siege" in the game; once on the video cassette, and another time in Lil C's song.

    Edit: They get it correct in the subtitling for the second commercial.

  11. At least he's uploading something different for once. Instead of that 🤡 Mario and super pets garbage. Just playing Mario running the exact same levels video after video doing the exact same thing. 🤡 To bad this guy won't play anything relevant. Just garbage random games like vampire royal and whatever else he's uploading hear. Unsubbed. I liked this channel for like a month. Like how I said hear instead of here? And to? Good

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