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Today in the episode:
00:00 — Introduction
00:30 — Workshop: a timeless classic of carnage and destruction!
04:12 — Special: all the things you can do with the Master!
07:55 — Voice Of The Wasteland, where we answer your questions and find a cool piece of user-created content!

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  1. You know how certain vehicle parts seem to be part of a larger vehicle like the van. How would these look as standard? I really want to see a "completed" buggy.

  2. Is there any progress being made on the tonnage/wedge issues of massive builds being pushed around by light buggy style builds? (Large spider tanks pushed around by light cabin builds). Also can the mandrake get an accuracy increase

  3. Ay Boys! love the work here im enjoying these little episodes, anyway i came to ask if you will be adding some kind of armor part that will say 'Explode??' when broken but it would only do damage to the opponent say if they were ramming or so anyways Goodluck in the wasteland! :im losing connection my tower got destroyed:

  4. I would love to suggest the masters, attempt to create the most modern-esque military/civilian hybrid vehicles.

    Like a James Bond car, or Knightrider.

  5. hit me in the teeth if i'm wrong but isn't there an advertising account called "freemanprojectXO" that has this specific bear cabin tank driving on armored tracks with 2 eqaulizers?
    if so can you publish the blueprint?

  6. There have been so many times when my leviathan comes back without any reward.
    Since deploying a leviathan "locks" the parts used from being used elsewhere, could we get a bare minimum reward for deploying a leviathan?

  7. Question about the current state of balance.

    Will there be changes to the cannon “Executioner 88mm”? It currently is outshined by it’s variant of a lower tier, due to the same perk, but the epic one weighs more and is a bigger target. Too much to justify the minimal extra damage.

    Could we soon see some stat increases to the Executioner? Some ideas could be increases to durability, more damage/explosive power, or upping the perk to be superior to the Prosecutor? Maybe penetrate three or four tiles versus two?

  8. I hope you you can get this message across to the crossout crew. I know you guys are probably working on it but if anything what are you guys doing to support players who want to build fusion builds? I’m a pretty decent builder myself, I just attempted my first fusion and actually got a ton of help from someone who knows tips and tricks to building them but it takes far too long to have to go into adventure mode and back out to test your fusion setup. There should be some more love for fusions. Also I think it should be possible that in this new ‘fusion builder’ you have the ability to mount guns on say your friends rear. Without having to have your build wrap all the way around to reach the rear. This would also fix the problem of having to start off the match 45 ish seconds late due to connecting. Please tell me in your next garage 2.0 or something what you are doing to help fusion builders because I think this is important to a lot of us players

  9. Hey there!

    Can you guys fix the rampant packet loss issues with your game?

    It has basically rendered the game unplayable for me for the last month or so, these issues started about September last year (2021). If this continues I don't think I will be able to play this anymore and that means I won't be buying any more Battlepasses or Car Packs.

    Please fix your game!!!

  10. Can you please fix the small buggy floor ? Paint does not cover it correctly anymore after the last patch.And could you please increase the amount of parts allowing bullets to pass through to four, some have four and some three, would be nice to have four of every one, i always need one or two more.

  11. I've heard rumors of large frames, up to 17* 4* blocks large, being used by survivors in the land known as "mobile version of the game". Could this be added to the wastes here, or would this part be far too powerful for survivors to weld things too.

  12. Im honestly still waiting for the crossout team to attempt a Tiny Car build challenge. Like a tiny, but still useable car. Bonus points if it is TRULY tiny.

  13. Here's a serious question: Would you guys consider designing some type part/way for builds who want to hover even higher in the air. Possibly even fly around. Because there are ways to fly like the reaper self impulse method. It's a pretty wild idea but I think its possible that you guys make something that helps builds 'fly' a bit easier. Possibly a module that when activated increases hover height for a short time, idk.

  14. Can you NOT make fun of people while reading questions? You have been doing the disrespectful voices forever. Just stop.

  15. More Grindy more Pay to Win less reward for Skill. And worst Matchmaking ever. That is the way it was for Years. And it will be like this forever. They dont care for the Players as Humans they just whant Ther Money.

  16. I like the way he uses my "armorrepairmeta" build , but repairs while fighting which is the worst idea , it's actually good engineering since it can almost entirely repair it's armor and guns

  17. Hey folks! I was wondering,could you y’all add some train wheels/axles from a diesel locomotive? I think this would be a great addition to the game. I think they would be a strong mode of transport and would be able to do ram damage like the auger. Since they are train wheels,they wouldn’t be able to turn well so I think you could put a bit of tire on the wheel to make to turn a little better. I would recommend a new category for them under “Locomotive”.

  18. I wish the quantum cabin got a rework, maybe a model change/customization kit too to look more like the photon; Most of the builds in the exhibition that use quantum are years old, when it was the only 12 energy point cabin.. I just don't think a 20% damage bonus warrants being reset by any amount of damage. Maybe if it charged when not taking damage and could be activated at any time? would encourage a more hit-and-run playstyle.
    Additionally the Yokai (cool concept) needs it's energy cost reduced or it's damage buffed.

    Edit: I checked the news, if Yokai got a balance change then it'd have a really good synergy with the new rocket launcher.

  19. Hello gentlemans 😀
    Exist the possibility to make the Reload Module Discharger 0 Energy? cuz is rarely used due the reason flywheel is way better and same energy

    that would help reload users a lot

  20. build challenge idea: build a vehicle with tracks, wheels, legs, a heavy cabin, shotgun, mg, rocket launcher and structural parts from ever faction including the founders, ravagers and syndicate

  21. Hey dev team, could more love be spread to the minelayers like the king? Honestly I would love a weapon that you can shoot out mines and then detonate them whenever you wish, would really punish dogs getting a bit too testy to my team, big thanks!

  22. I remember when the buzzsaws only required one energy, miss those days when you could bring a battlebots reject to the field XD
    Though I see the master cabin more in the exhibition for art builds than in the field, maybe I'm just unlucky.

    I'm curious if there's an engine in the works that benefits from standing still, something to strategically compete with the whole run & gun; maybe become invisible after a delay of being stationary? Or perhaps gain a temporary boost in speed based on how long you were parked? Or your weapons gain extra range while stopped, but loose range while moving?

    Suggested challenge, win a match with more than three different weapon types on your vehicle. Should be reasonably possible both in high and low power score, while requiring a bit more thought in how to keep your machine combat effective.

  23. Do you currently have any plans on adding new movement parts similar to the bigram which can switch between different modes? (Maybe some hover wheels 😏😏😏)

  24. I think you have forgotten that the Master has the highest Mass Limit to all Light Cabin-Class. Especially the build from sandtrap19028 "Shell Shock" as a good example of its design (6:08).

    Heavy Weapons are plausible.

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