THE GARAGE 2.0: I AM A TURRET / Crossout

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Today in the episode:
00:00 — Introduction
00:27 — Workshop: a world serpent for your car!
03:19 — Mad Lab: let’s turn your vehicle into a turret!
06:17 — Voice Of The Wasteland, where we answer your questions and choose the craft of the episode!

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  1. Hey there!

    Can you guys fix the rampant packet loss issues with your game?

    It has basically rendered the game unplayable for me for the last month or so, these issues started about September last year (2021). If this continues I don't think I will be able to play this anymore and that means I won't be buying any more Battlepasses or Car Packs.

    Please fix your game!!!

  2. More Grindy more Pay to Win less reward for Skill. And worst Matchmaking ever. That is the way it was for Years. And it will be like this forever. They dont care for the Players as Humans they just whant Ther Money.

  3. How about having an antimisile flare unit?? something to get rid of 1 or 2 volleys of homing missiles in dire situations

  4. To crossout team

    Will you add more car cabins (car cab from 2010 and 2020)for civils like cars that is mostly affordable for people, that will be great with new faction hope it will be added in the game on the way like firestarters

  5. This comment will probably go unheard but here goes.
    I have been playing XO on and off since 2019 on xbox and I offer a few simple changes to improve the gameplay Massively! I love this game and I hope future updates only make the game better.

    as far as i know, there is no aim lock button for console! that is a super useful mechanic that a lot of players can benefit from and it is super simple to implement! given that there are limited buttons on a controller it doesn't have to be assigned but please make it an option!

    Co-drivers *desperately* need an update! there are a lot more weapon categories that dont benefit from any co-driver like rockets, some give amazing perks while others give little to any bonus. As a side note: Coupons are a niche recourse that have so much potential but are in a really awkward spot in the market. they should be used for more things like workbenches or recycling/upgrading or changed completely

    In a game all about collecting things. it breaks my heart when i miss a one month long non-competitive event with exclusive non-tradeable items. I feel punished for something thats not my fault! im going on a business trip right when the knight riders event is starting and i will miss out, To fix this and also make the game more lively, Make events last longer!

    these are all simple issues that affect the game heavily for the worse! it would move me if just one of these suggestions gets noticed!

  6. Best game i ever played.Pls add some new movement parts like leg-tracks or hover-wheels.We really need more movement combination parts.

  7. Hello i have an idea, could you add something like defending gadget, so you will be able to mount on your vehicle something like flare launcher and when you will shoot it, it will distract the guided missiles 😉 (but you will be able to use it once or it will have long reload)

  8. I have a new for a new permanent gamemode what could be fun. Solo raids. You would be alone doing raids like hard frontier defence raid, but you could have 3 bot teammate, but they would use your blueprints and you could select which blueprint to use.

  9. The game where matches are guaranteed to be totally unfair every time and anyone w/ wonder weapons can drive around shooting at and taking out anyone who doesn't yet have access to those upper-tier, high-damage yielding weapons, and any melee build can just crash on into any player and kill them nearly instantly, never mind all that work you've been doing landing shots while moving around and haulin' butt in and out of cover.

  10. (UNDISPUTED__GUNR) Who's engine do I have to lube to get some kind of (averter style) module that specifically makes parts less vulnerable to fire? Or possibly a new cabin that has fire resistance? We badly need something, anything to defend against the daily smash and burn! 🔥 😁👍

  11. Wazaaaaa. Love your game and content. Is there any chance that we will get a competitive Crossout tournament? I'd LOVE to be part of it.

  12. How much does it cost to get a relic weapon? Hundreds of dollars you say? It is literally impossible to grind out one of these in a normal lifetime. Most Pay 2 Win game in the world.

  13. Hey, Is there by a chance for like adding a new moving part such as the Sheepsfoot Roller for the Founders Faction? Like a Pack version.

    We’ve been receiving a lot of Syndicates Faction for like 3 times by just a year!

    Well I do like the Syndicates but I think it’s time for the Founders to get reputations up!

  14. hey crossout team! i was wondering if you could make pvp bots have ravager parts i think it would be a nice detail!

  15. I got an idea for a new engine : a rotary engine which gives the cabin perk 10% more lifetime when going 70Km/h , could be handy for the Favorite or Yokozuna

  16. Hello, are you able to make it so we can select multiple of our own blueprints in custom games? Maybe you can give certain players/bots certain vehicles from your garage.

  17. Hey there !! , I was wondering if crossout can have a special bedlam map with a lot of crazy ramps , lakes , bridges , beach for people to chill 🙂 etc ..

  18. The Turret playstyle actually seems pretty interesting, considering you dont have to worry about mass limit and tonnage.

  19. Could you please fix the exhibition's sorting? Even when you sort it for vehicles you can build it will still show vehicles your missing almost every part to. like what??

  20. With the adding of hitboxes to spiked wheels the shiv wheel has taken a massive hit to, I have a few old builds where the shiv is covered but no the game won't allow me to use them in anything really. It's made the shiv almost impossible to use on actual builds. Now there only good for art builds. Another thing, the ML 200 was rumored to become able to mount to the front of the vehicle like the claw. Is this true? Or are survivors getting ahead of themselves?

  21. hello crossout team I have been playing for about 2 years although there are too many Turkish players in the game, Turkish language support is not coming and we are waiting for it to come, thanks for your interest

  22. hello crossout team I have been playing for about 2 years although there are too many Turkish players in the game, Turkish language support is not coming and we are waiting for it to come, thanks for your interest

  23. Quick question from the wastes
    I missed out on battling the ravagers with the Founders, and forgot to fix the fuel tank to fight the Syndicate

    Will the Founders or Syndicate return?

  24. WIll there be some kind of generator, that will add 1 extra point to the Heavy Cabins?
    After an update with Reload Booster, Heavy Canis got their butt kicked really hard – especially when you're using any type of cannons :/

  25. Hay there supreme survives, I was wondering if you guy's have any ideas for cabs with built-in wepons, maby one that's quite low and has some kind of cannon on top, I can all ready think of the possibilities for cool rides.

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