The Founder's Pack (part 1/3) – Gods of Gravity VR

YouTube video

In this “What’s New” video, we give a sneak peek into our very first IAP. This will be a chance to help support Gods of Gravity! We’re going to use all proceeds to pay for a huge marketing push! If you’d like to help support us, watch for more info!


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  1. One one plays in advance or intermediate a ton of pros like ALL play In beginner lobby’s and I play in them so I never have any chance at winning

  2. Most VR games I get I play them for about 2 days, and then quit. But somehow, this game has made me come back over and over. I’ve been playing for about a month now, and I have some crown and titles. But I am SO going to get the gold tier. I really like the community here in GOG, and I hope it can grow!

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