THE FINALE! – #47: Uno-X Career / Pro Cycling Manager 2021 Let's Play

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Today we continue our Pro Cycling Manager 2021 career mode let’s play.

In today’s video, we have the final week of the Tour de France, in what is the conclusion to the series. Can our man Skjelmose claim his place on the podium in Paris?

We are managing one of the most exciting, young teams in the world, Uno-X Pro Cycling. Focused on developing talent, Uno-X only have Norwegian and Danish riders. The likes of Tobias Foss and Andreas Leknessund are recent graduates.



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— Intel Core i7 4770K 3.50GHz
— GeForce GTX 1060 6GB
— Asus Z87-K Motherboard
— Corsair Vengeance 8GB RAM (x2)
— Samsung 128GB 840 Pro SSD
— SanDisk 500GB SSD
— Fractal Design ARC Mini ATX Case
— Rode NT USB Mic
— Logitech C920 Webcam
— Perixx DX-1000L Gaming Mouse Pad
— Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse
— Audio-Technica ATH-M50X Studio Headphones


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  1. I have absolutely loved creating this series over the past 6 months. The Uno-X project is inspirational, I hope some of you are now more engaged with their story in real life. They are an ambitious team that I believe we’ll see in Grand Tours and in the WorldTour very soon.

    Thank you so much to everyone who has watched and interacted with the series, it truly does mean a lot to me! Let me know your favourite moment. For me, sitting down at the end of the day and reading your comments, thoughts and ideas has been the best part.

    I know we didn’t quite finish the journey or get to our final destination, which I apologise for. Update video will be up later today. Thank you. 💛

  2. Thanks for everything Joe! Will always be the best PCM content creator on Youtube! All the best for the future!

  3. Thanks for the countless hours of great content! You'll be missed as PCM content GOAT ❤

  4. It’s been a great ride! I’ve really enjoyed this series and you do a great job commentating. I’m sure working at GCN+ is a dream job and you deserve it! I wish you the best with your career.

  5. Good luck in your new job. We will all be watching and know you will smash it. Even though a small part of us is hoping to see you play PCM again one day.

  6. Thank you for the gameplay. You did as they do, race with passion, joy and offensive cycling! Wish you the best for the new project! Hard to pick one moment, it was way too many good ones!

    And I dream about a Uno-x comeback, one beautiful day in the future 😉

  7. Hey Joe. Gonna miss the Uno-X save. Looked forward each day to watching the next video. Really enjoyed the entire series. Hope the future goes well whatever it is you are up to

  8. Uno-X will be missed, it is the best PCM series I've seen. I simply can't pick one moment. Look forward to hear what is next for you, more work for Rouleur perhaps?

  9. What an amazing perfomance by Skjelmose, and the team in general! Thanks for this amazing series 🙂 Cheers from Iceland

  10. You made my boring day always a little bit better and I was hyped for every episode that happend.👀👌Now I am more of a Uno-X fan because of your videos ❤️💛😉 My Highlight of the series is I think the Nationals which you destroyed the competition multiple times 😉😂
    Wishing you the best for your future little Viking. AHUU!!! 🙏🙏✨

  11. It's been a wonderful journey and I really can't pick my favorite moment out of ten or twenty or maybe more. Thanks a lot, I hope there is something even cooler ahead))
    P.S. Sorry if I made a mistakes my English really bad 🙂

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