The Cycle Frontier Preseason Has Some NEW CHANGES…

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The Cycle Frontier Preseason Gameplay will feature Dungeons, PvP rebalances, Map Changes, and much more. The Cycle Frontier has changed significantly from what The Cycle Focus Test has shown The Last Saiyan Prince ( The Focus Tester with the MOST time in game ). Our discussion shed light into all of this. Enjoy !

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0:00 What To Expect June 8th..
15:37 Armor CHANGES !
18:33 Loot Variations ?
23:12 BETTER Mission Rewards ?
35:05 Bring PINGS Back ?
40:10 A SOLO Suggestion
42:43 Solo ONLY Servers ?
44:46 CLANS ???
45:46 3rd Map Suggestion
1:09:24 Dungeon Details
1:41:13 New MMR ?
1:50:57 Cheater Refunds ???
1:54:18 Cosmetics…


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  1. im PRAYING that they make the dungeons maybe not on launch but eventually that it is not the same exact thing where u can learn everything about it and glitch/cheese or its just the same basic thing over and over yk. like its a labyrinth type thing and its randomized more or less with where what is. also i hope its hard and if there is a boss its a smart ai and not braindead easy asf to kill with no brain or logic. like scavs in tarkov they have very good programming and it functions like a real thing with logic.

  2. only thing i hated personally was the way storage worked like how the inventory was slot based. didnt make sense to me and i really want it to be weight not slots

  3. i feel like 1 thing that could really separate this game from others like it and build on the 6hr server time. Respawns. if when your teammate died there would be something similar to apex and the banner system. when you grabbed said banned it marked a spot like extract (but away from extract) and then when you go to respawn it should be like upgrading to a legendary data drive with a couple min respawn and a noise beacon and beacon on the map other players can see.

  4. I loved every single bit of this game but the TTK was such a turnoff, it was already super hard to avoid teams and the TTK was quite high so it made it near impossible for me to deal with them. I'm coming from Tarkov though so I might just not be used to it. Either way, can't wait to catch one of your streams and learn the game once its released.

  5. I loved the beta, but this game needs the bounty mechanism back. Killing an other prospector should be considered as a crime and it should cause you to be revealed for a limited time. This coud make the game more like a roll playing experience, forcing players to communicate in case of an encounter. We are prospectors in an alien world and not soldiers in a war. Cant wait the release!

  6. MMR just became a shadowban for hackers and it forced the good players to face them all the time.

    Crescent was near unplayable. The omen in this fight against cheats will be if they have solved spawning items.

  7. The mineral scanner should pick up other players who have minerals in their inventory…would make the item more useful maybe.

  8. i died in cb2 like 1000 times and killed someone two times, and still had motivation and will to play. this just shows how good the game is.

  9. i almost zeroed out 3 days in lol. then i met a guy that had completed the game basically. first drop he killed a dude with Kor-47 and purp ect gave me everything he got. taught me jungle. then i made a comeback. love this game, cant wait for release!

  10. "That's a move you might want to keep I your repertoire for future events." Saiyan I'm sorry for what I did and I will do it again :p

  11. Wait, if I buy a skin for a gun, and I die, I don't keep the skin? I would never buy a skin in that case cause I'm guaranteed going to eventually die…

  12. For pings, they could add them back but instead of a 3D ping it’s a 2d ping on your compass that also tells you the distance. So you can still call out when not in coms, but isn’t a pinpoint marker of the enemy

  13. I would love to spawn in as an npc creature like a jeff.. With the breath weapons etc. Make the players think about going up against a player as a creature.

  14. Heyyy NeverEco here, I am the Level Designer in charge of the Dungeon. First of all glad to hear it was received well. To the worries you listed, as said we thought about a lot of them and we tried to prevent or reduce the probability of them. However, if it turns out things won't work as intended or stuff is frustrating players we are definitely aware that fixes might be needed.
    Hope everyone enjoys it once it comes out though.

  15. I'm glad to hear that you 2 chads have a similar vision for MMR like me and I think the majority of the community. Babies need to be protected no doubt but otherwise the Cycle doesn't need MMR. Skill Based Matchmaking is supposed to put people on a level playing field and pretty much achieve equal outcome. That is a horrible approach to matchmaking in games as it is in simple economics. By always giving you people on your level you completely ruin the feeling of progression and "getting good" to the point where getting good is useless since your "winrate" (whatever qualifies as a win for you in the Cycle) as a let's say top 10% player is basically the same as a bottom 20% gamer. The difference is that you've probably put in years and years of playing shooters and getting good while getting your ass handed to you just so it can all be pretty much useless now. It's really really weird in my mind. @Player 2 would love to hear your opinion on this if your readin this! Have a good day prospectors! <3

  16. I’m hoping to begin streaming and I want to make The Cycle my priority. You’ve been a great resource and an inspiration for the community. You’re the GOAT! Can’t wait for June 8th!

  17. Gotta be honest. I loved the second beta so much that I don't really care what state the game is in. As long as there are no more hackers in every lobby and the game simply runs I'll be grinding the shit out of this amazing experience!!!! Can't wait to see all of you on Fortuna 3!

  18. I am one of those randoms just checking the game out for the first time. 😛 Probably more of a minor thing, doubt you'll talk about it. What's the game size? I should be good by release, but I don't want to uninstall anymore than I have to. Got about 50gb free right now.

  19. i watched the vod of this it was great stuff cant wait for full release man please keep up the content man

  20. hey p2 ive tried on multiple browsers but only able to get 360p is there a 720 version kicking around?

  21. Ese atuendo me vuelve loco KISSSSSS.Uno loco contigo y tienes ese cuerpo curvilíneo, hiciste un buen trabajo modelándolo también. También me gusta el último atuendo. Me encantai cómo los cinturones de liga se.

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