The Cycle Frontier Is Back!!

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The Cycle Frontier CBT2 is finally here! It’s time to deploy into Fortuna III and get a feel for the game again. My first missions was to test out all the weapons to see how the felt compared to the previous test. It’s clear that they made improvements to the AR-55, Shotguns and SMG.



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  1. I still haven't foamed anyone, I think I'm using VOIP too much making peace. Good to see you getting them though!

  2. my favorite kit to run now is the PDW (buffed damage and firerate) full green armor and bag, its kinda cheap for early game and it gives you enough chance to survive or kill

  3. What if taking damage recovered some stamina à la fight-or-flight response, so you actually have a chance to get out of a tough situation

  4. It's seriously giving me problems that he is not ADSing with the shotgun… Also kills me that he could just climb up on the crate during the evac to be safe, and he's making these hella noob mistakes I learned in the first hour of playing…

  5. When AI fucks you up… Verticality is your friend. Leave the tarmac. either get higher or lower. monsters will have to walk all the way around.

  6. too many hackers just like the old game. People teleporting and auto locking and nothing change from the old game beside you lose loot and dont earn points

  7. “That’s low key messed up”

    what that he was looting a location and some dude ran up to where he was completely unaware of his surroundings? Yeah sure. These guys act like encountering someone is the same as going AFK in D2 for 40 minutes.

  8. I just like that my character can control recoil like a trained soldier would in this game, as opposed to BSG’s interpretation of a nerd holding a rifle. Makes the game actually enjoyable. Imagine enjoying playing a game, wow.

  9. So this game blindsided me. I played the cycle a little a while back but this looks completely different. Totally flew under the radar and I'm legit trying this with my crew when it comes out.

  10. Having massive connection issues with the game currently.. completly unplayable for me. The closed beta last year was alot smoother and had absolutely no issues with gameplay

  11. I don’t think I’ve ever played a game where I hated the movement speed so much than this game. I’ve always wished tarkov’s movement was geared more towards Squad but something about the snail walking pace in The Cycle feels off putting to me

  12. God if only it ran as smoothly for me as it does for you, half the map doesn’t even load in every raid and I get killed by invisible enemies, loot is invisible as well half the time

  13. I get called a rat when I stream 50+ times. I guess people want me to give away my position instantly and likely die? 🙃 I think anything short of bum rushing every single engagement is "ratting" these days.

  14. ive tried to log in a couple times to see the differences but it wont let me connect to the servers. issue on my end or the game?

  15. I remember playing this game for awhile when it first came out and had a ton of fun with it. Gameplay looks quite a bit different then what I remember and a lot more improved. I like it.

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