The Comprehensive Roast of EarthBound Beginnings

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A review of the 1989 role playing game EarthBound Beginnings. Or Mother. Or EarthBound Zero. I use those terms interchangeably a lot of the time. It’s a game that can be a bit divisive, but I tried to give it a fair shot.

Intro: 0:00
Background Knowledge: 3:08
Music: 12:46
Story and Characters: 15:33
Gameplay: 20:00
Conclusion: 32:35

The drawing of Ninten in the video thumbnail was done by GuyWithThePie! Check out his stuff here:

EarthBound Zero walkthrough:

Rom hacks:


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  1. I've gotta say, I ADORE this video. It captures all of my thoughts towards MOTHER perfectly! It's almost like you took the words directly out of my mouth…

    MOTHER has always been my favorite of the series due to it's uniqueness compared to EarthBound or MOTHER 3, and to see someone simultaneously rip this game to SHREDS and praise it's highest point is more then just entertaining to watch. This is a super good video for MOTHER fans. Good job, switch1e!

  2. I've reached the mountain, where Loid turns up in a tank and blows up the robot, but I am so woefully under powered to progress, that I think I give up… It has it's charms, but Earthbound is far superior to this, games aren't suppose to be this grindy

  3. I played this game when i was like- 9 and I think having so much experience with the game and knowing all the tricks makes it more fun. As i write this I'm playing the game once again on the switch and I'm having a blast. I wonder if anyone else feels similarly about this, or any other old school game. I for sure would recommend Earthbound over this however, Earthbound Beginnings has a lot of problems.

  4. In my playthrough, I got lucky and managed to reach podunk with no random encounters.
    But then I went to merrysville and got an encounter every 3 seconds.

  5. From what little I've played, Mother isn't old-school jank – it's just bad. Dragon Quest 3 and 4 are infinitely more playable than this game.

  6. Lol i never had those problems, i guess i had good luck or something. I played an spanish version on my 2ds but i think the game is not that bad, its just too long but you can get used to.

  7. Really enjoyed the video! Such good production and editing. I stopped playing around Mother around the graveyard section just cause I got too busy, this makes me wanna plug in my wii u again

  8. When I played mother I got lost so many times. And had to look up directions at least three times.
    Other than that it's one of my favorite games.

  9. this game is also really cool because you can say "yeah i had to ride a plane 3 times in order to drive a tank through a desert to kill a giant robot guarding a cave full of monkeys" and have that be entirely true

  10. there is something about mother that makes it so lovable regardless of its flaws. im not really a fan of old school rpgs or many rpgs in general but this series has a charm to it that just makes me adore playing them. i agree with what you said about the game, the overworld is too big and the encounter rate is painful, but the npcs, the characters, and the final battle really makes the game worth playing. also, incase you didn't know, in magicant you can buy something called the "repel ring" for i believe $160 which will limit encounters for a little bit and give a break from the tedious battles. and if ana is level 9-10 she can cast psi shield beta in the final battle which will make all damage halved so you can beat the game without having to grind to high levels for the end 🙂

  11. I played this game just two years ago, going into not knowing anything. I’ve played some of Earthbound when I was younger, and watched a play through of Mother 3. Even though there is not much to the story and gameplay, I’m surprised by how much I enjoyed it. Hearing the opening screen and 8 melodies just gives me chills when I listen to them. The game somewhat gives me those 80s movies vibe.

  12. The pong analogy is actually a really good way to explain why historical context matters in criticism, well done

  13. Currently playing through the game. Honestly, I don't feel like I have had any real problems with it that haven't been solved with a bit of patients.

  14. Hey, this is good stuff. You remind me of old(er) gaming YouTube content, with the skits and stuff. However, these are just good critiques. Good job!

  15. Not that I doubt this, but Shigeru Miyamoto's not much of a household name in Japan according to someone I know who moved there – yet Itoi could be considered a celebrity?

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