The Complete DEAD SPACE Timeline Explained!

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The Dead Space timeline has a vast timeline that spans 300 years of terror across a trilogy of games, a few spin-off titles, a handful of comic books and novels, and a pair of films too. But how does it all tie together?

00:00 – Opening
00:47 – Dead Space Martyr – 2214
02:12 – Dead Space Catalyst – 2294
02:48 – Dead Space 3 Prologue – 2314
03:54 – Dead Space Comic – 2508
05:14 – Dead Space Downfall – 2508
06:35 – Dead Space Extraction – 2508
07:54 – Dead Space – 2508
11:26 – Dead Space Aftermath – 2509
12:42 – Dead Space Salvage – 2509
13:11 – Dead Space Mobile – 2511
14:08 – Dead Space Ignition – 2511
15:04 – Dead Space 2 – 2511
17:39 – Dead Space 2: Severed – 2511
18:29 – Dead Space Liberation – 2514
19:13 – Dead Space 3 – 2514
22:11 – Dead Space 3: Awakened – 2514
23:17 – Ending

This video breaks down the franchise chronologically, charting the story of Isaac Clarke and his ongoing fight against the Necromorph horde. And with a shiny new remake of that original game awaking this dormant franchise, what better time to dive into the hellish misadventures of Isaac Clarke.

Timeline Playlist –


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  1. I clicked the video because I wanted all the lore. Guys says I'll be giving you all the lore but then says that he won't go into details about the book because it's a good read and I should check it out 😂.

  2. Super excited to revisit this, someday.
    Personal preference, but i refuse to pay $70 + tax for a game that can be beaten in a Friday and Saturday night. Once it hits $30 i will grab it. Looks beautiful.

  3. Art style changing back and forth based on flashbacks really took me out of the second movie

  4. Is it ever actually explained how you're supposed to get energy from the marker so that it can solve mankind's energy needs?

  5. Dead space aftermath was the worst animation i've ever seen haha. I hope they have the excuse of sending out each story to different animation studios because the transitions were so jarring.

  6. Mercer was immune to the marker effects tho. He was just a convinced unitologist but he used harris as mediator of marker mexages because Mercer couldn't see them.

  7. Worth mentioning that this timeline left out one small thing: the No Known Survivors prequel flash game ARG that led up to the release of the original Dead Space

  8. My dyslexia only allowed me to remember people, weapons and gameplay. I don't understand how I replayed all 3 games and had no clue what was going on. I don't understand how I'm allowed to drive.. but thanks for this and for not making it hours long!

  9. I thought human goes to space is to do mining mineral using USG Ishimura and bring them back to earth, instead using The Black Marker as helpful resources for Earth.

  10. "The Complete DEAD SPACE Timeline Explained"
    "and I won't say any more on that"
    wow. Let me check, is it a "The Complete DEAD SPACE Timeline Explained" or "let me tell you something about the games"? now I don't know

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