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Into human trafficking and possessive, dominant LIs und short, sweet love stories? Then maybe Voltage games are right up your alley!
Voltage is a developer known for mobile otome games, but some of them are also ported to the Nintendo Switch. Most of them are quite affordable, rather short and feature especially toxic men and meek MCs. You can play all the prologues on mobile for free though, to get an impression! That’s why I looked into them, but wasn’t really swept away. Nevertheless I’m pretty excited for the upcoming Even if Tempest, that will be the first fully voiced title by Voltage, and that I will cover in a future video.
What are your opinions about voltage games? Do you play them on Switch or mobile and what do you think about some of the stories and characters?

00:00 Who is Voltage?
01:43 Child hood friends – My Last First Kiss
02:00 Cinderella Story – Kings of Paradise
02:50 J Pop Idols – Scandal in the Spotlight
03:16 Ayakashi: Romance Reborn
03:38 A women in the world of men – Her Love in the Force
04:00 Forced to marry – My Forged Wedding
04:18 Robin Hoods – My Love Letter from Thief X
04:52 Forced to live together – Our Two Bedroom Story
05:38 Sold to men – Kissed by the Baddest Bidder
06:19 Thirsty Ayakashi – Enchanted in the Moonlight
06:49 The best voltage game? Star Crossed Myth
07:37 Voltage Verdict

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  1. VOLTAGE was one of first english MOBILE games, they were, at time, each having their own app. Now it is collective LOVE365. I still have MUCH FUN reading most, like I love Takuto creation of character(through I more will just ADOPT HIM 😂)…
    ONLY VOLTAGE INC THAT I CAN'T STAND is EISUKE, as… Sorry, in my eyes he is Nouveau riche version of Dorian Grey… At least my image of Grey, as never read/seen this movie, anyway.

    What only piss me off, immencly, is VOLTAGE INC MCs… I know, it is JAPAN, but half thing they let to do them… I will PAY BACK HARDLY FOR. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  2. Thanks for the list! Voltage games are usually cheesy or fun reads in my opinion if you feel like doing nothing else <3 But I'm enjoying Tokyo Love Hustle by Voltage and it is the close to being like other bigger title otome games, and I agree with the art thing as the art for a lot of the games is generic anime art

  3. I have gotten a few of the switch versions and played a bunch of the titles on the mobile. This is definitely good if someone is interested in the title and hasn't played any of the characters of barely any. Since you have to play through each season rather than pick which one you left off at . You can skip and wait until the season is done. But still annoying.

    Also, there isn't every character for every title. Like Rhion {one of the most popular new LIs from Kissed by The baddest bidder} and Tsumugu {Our Two Bedroom Story who Is extremely popular LI which was my favorite in the mobile version}

    Also, the fact that the mcs don't have eyes shown is something I didn't like either.

    I would say that Star crossed Myth is the best value with all the characters and main stories you can get. My favorite titles that made it to the switch is My Last First Kiss which does the childhood friend trope the best out of any otome game I have played. Also, Her love in the force.

    My least favorite one that doesn't interest me enough to buy it is Scandal in the Spotlight I just am not into idol games and the Kings of Paraduse because the writing wasn't that good besides it's spicy scenes.

  4. This is going to be a long comment ^.^U

    I guess you just check up the titles avilable on Switch so there are several details to mention:

    The description of some stories are not entirely accurate. I get you did not play at all any of these games. I cannot tell if it worth it or not, I will just say my opinion: "it depends" …

    There are many LIs that are indeed toxic and beyond, I specially depise the main LI from the "baddest bidder", the story is cheesy and absurd and the MC doesnt have self respect. But I really enjoyed Baba's story from the same title. So you have to give it a chance and find what story suits your tastes. Personally, I also think the art is not that good, but, you yourself have played/spoken about some titles, especificly the free ones, that have art that I personally think is rather ugly, but many people comment on them with good reviews about the story, so the same goes for voltage games.

    More importantly, you did not check the app! if you Dwd the app in english you cannot read the stories in japanese, for that porpuse you need to Dwd the japanese app. In the app are tons of titles! (many more than the ones on Switch) and you can read many stories for "free" but not really, you could never read the whole story without paying. Let's not forget that many of these games are actually party games, so it is almost impossible to read all the stories and, also that make these games the MOST EXPENSIVE ones! I am addicted to one of the party games, but even so, I am not willing to spend that crazy amount of money.

    Btw, voltage is very strict with the content that you share on Youtube be careful.

  5. My favorite otome character of all time is actually Kei from one of their games which hasn't been ported, Masquerade Kiss. I relate to him because we have similar trauma, and while they don't necessarily write his trauma the best way past the first season, I have a high appreciation that the writers were willing to write it.

    Voltage has actually gone on to give their MCs eyes in the newer games, it's just that the older ones are the ones that showed them in the trailer for some reason? They've also grown to be stronger and have more personality. If the Liar! series or Masquerade Kiss end up getting ported I would 100% recommend them to people who are heroine fans (like me). Although… I have mixed feelings about the first Liar! MC because she's a major hypocrite and is a big fat liar herself. They made her that way for a reason, but she doesn't get character development until the lovers routes.

    Also, for fans of Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly, the main writer, Yuriji/Kishino Juri wrote on some of their games, including Irrisistible Mistakes and Kissed by the Baddest Bidder.

  6. The no-eyes thing creeps me out so much haha would work great in a horror movie! The plain art and no voice acting put these on the back burner for me even if some of the stories sound kind of interesting. Maybe if I run out of big titles and have nothing else to read 😄

  7. I have never played any voltage game, I don't think they are my cup of tea. I love reading summaries or reviews of them though, I suppose that's because many of their games have unusual premises compared to otome I usually play ❤😂

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