Testing the new weapons & cabin from the upcoming Crossout battlepass and all of their recipes

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Hello in this video I will be showing you guys the new Battlepass and testing the new weapons and cabins that come with the new Crossout Battlepass season. We will be looking at the hadron legendary cabin, the Tombrone missiles, the new relic weapon the ripper, The new legendary drone Vulture and more.

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  1. Used to play this game a long time ago on PS4, i have like 30,000 coins on there. PS4 market is sh!t. Just started playing again on PC and i'm not sure if i'll stay. They have completely ruined this game, i cant just buy what ever weapon i want, i need to craft it first before it is unlocked in the market. Also, this battle pass is so bad and is not worth the money, instead of giving us weapons and cabs, they give you a bunch of BP's and workpieces which require your own resources to make.

  2. I'm a noob in crossout, where can I find the battle pass? Been looking for it and I can't seem to find it, i was thinking it was like fortnite battle pass.

  3. wondering if those blades also get stuck on your ally too, so he can do some extra ram damage than he goes in with his shotguns

  4. Better put another game ruining no-aim weapon to drive BP sales. The crossout devs have absolutely no shame nor concern for the quality of their game.

  5. Guys I have an idea. I propose that they add ERA (explosive reactive armor). Maybe it would come in large panels and maybe it would even take like 1 energy to mount it, but it would help reduce the damage from cannons and other heavy hitting weapons. although maybe the tradeoff would be that it does not reduce the damage from lighter weapons like MGs or Shotguns

  6. Amazing vid JB!….battlepass looks good!…thank you for sharing!…cant wait to see your extended version ! ..keep it up!

  7. Triggers are needed for previous patterns. Bigrams are kind of in need too. Has anyone used the new 3 pts generators or is the gasgen superior? The weight and size on the new one is very prohibitive.

  8. If people are really gonna be using twin Scorp with King in CW….
    1) I HATE King with a passion. The no skill draggers are why.

    2) 2.05 second reload (I know it's 1 scorp not 2, idk if it will be the same) is busted as hell, with or without Nova.

    3) I think this BP might be the best I've seen. Creative weapons and cabs are why I love this game so much.

  9. I appreciate the Therm autocannon as never really enjoyed being killed at long range by traditional autocannons. Trombone seems very useful in specific situations, but their flight times concerning. Vultures are gonna become the new parsers, busted on release and nerfed to shit a month from now. Hadron could be really fun to bring cannons some viably again, or be used to spam scorpions like no ones buisness

  10. The heating rocket will litterally just be paired with Pyres. 1 of those followed by a volley of 5 pyres will make them even more deadly than they already are.

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