[TEASER] Cactus Cowboy – Desert Warfare

YouTube video
Get hyped! I’m far from finished but I loved this animation so much, that I couldn’t keep it under the rug.
Quick FAQ:
Yes, it’s paid game but no price is set yet.
No, I cannot say when its finished but not within the next 5 months, that’s for sure.
I’m doing this part time.


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  1. I can't wait for this game. It's amazing that such a small game developer group can make a game like this. This looks like a huge improvement from plants at war and plants at war was awesome. Keep thriving

    But seriously, I can't wait for this to release. are you going to make it available for pre-order when you decide a release date?

  3. cactus cow boy is my fav game on vr ive played every one my favoret is the ww2 one but i cind of wanted a modern one so thank you soo much

  4. Sweet, looking forward to it. If you're going with a modern warfare theme it would be funny if you made Clean House homage, all the seriousness of that mission combined with our cacti characters.

  5. Good jorb of capturing the epic feelz of CC. (^_^)

    Tbh…imma more hyped about this next CC than Call of Duty Modern Warfare.
    And I just played CODMW fOar the first time on my new PS5 Yesterday. Mainly just cuz it came packaged wit' the console. (_Oo)

    TAKE MY MONEY!! (^_^)/

  6. This is dedication. Making a whole game series in his free time just for our enjoyment! Take as long as you need and take breaks when you need to! Your games never disappoint me!

  7. Bro I can not wait till this comes out. I’m about to make another 5 paragraphs of lore again💀

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