Stray Gameplay Trailer | Sony State of Play June 2022

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From Annapurna games, Stray is the adventure game where you play as a cat in a world populated with robots. The all-new gameplay trailer shows off the world’s environment, adversaries, and the charming robots you’ll meet along the way. Stray is expected to release in July 2022 for PS4 and PS5.

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  2. Why is this game only for Playstation?! I want to play this game so badly because I love cats and this game looks amazing but then I saw that this is only for Playstation…

  3. The creators are almost all cat owners and have said that even during the making of the game, several cats were in the office, sometimes resting on a PCs power button, just before they could finish/save a days work^^…shows that they REALLY love cats :)!

  4. ummmm… OK… so no one is seeing that the graphics in this video are worse than the 2020 announcement trailer? Especially in the cat's face?
    Why do studios keep doing that??

  5. I want to love it… cyberpunk, cat, exploration, it seems like it should have all the ingredients for a game I should love.
    I even wanted to write a post-cyberpunk story from a cat's perspective, though I'm not much of a writer.
    And yet… I'm not feeling it.

    Like, ok, Night In the Woods doesn't really have you DO very much, it's also a game of just exploring around and talking with people, and I loved that game.

    I suppose I'll keep waiting until I can see more and decide

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