Stranger's Wrath HD – Now playable on PlayStation & Xbox

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The critically-acclaimed Stranger’s Wrath comes to PlayStation and Xbox. This includes PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for the first …


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  1. One of my favorite games of all time I had three copies and beat it countless times! Maybe it’s time for another Playthrough?! And where’s the sequel the ending ends ON A CLIFFHANGER

  2. Love the game and definitely support Oddworld Inhabitants (always).
    They are a indy studio now, so if we what more new games, we definitely have to play and buy the remasters. That's how we got soulstorm. That's also what Lanning mentioned in alot of interviews.

  3. Great game , I hope they make sequel , later on.
    Just to know did they made a remastered HD version of , Oddworld Munch's Odysse.

  4. I'm not paying them more money, since they fucked over Xbox fans on the previous HD release. I'll wait for this to be added to Game Pass or Gold.

  5. Limited Run Games released a PS3 copy for this game. Anyone knows if its going to be released physically on PS4? I would like to have this on disc 🙂

  6. best game ever, but i'm tired of seeing it ported, we want a sequel or at least some new content with its many… many ports.

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