Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life – Villager Harvest Moon Design Comparison

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Here’s a comparison video of the some of the available villager designs between Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life and its remake Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life!

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Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life – Announcement Trailer

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  1. Like the new designs but i don't think Mukumuku really needed any changes. It's a white yeti like creature that lives peacefully in the forest. Why does Vesta new design look thinner than before?! 🤔But all and all the new HM AWL new character designs look great.

  2. They’re cat eye glasses, not cat ear. Hugh wore the school shoes they wear in Japan in both of his designs, called uwabaki. For example they have them in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, they’re called “slip-on school shoes” in it.

  3. The tattoo was most likely removed due to the fact that many people in Japan are afraid of people with tattoos. They are seen as a Yakuza (Japanese gangster) thing. That's why tourists with tattoos are not really welcome in the bath houses.

  4. Takakura is the only good looking redesign so far.
    The ugly artstyle is what made me stop playing the FoMT remake.
    I hate the new "artstyle" in general.
    Went from kinda realistic, natural and dirty to bubblegum, anime, rainbow, trash.

  5. They repositioned the Nina's mouth and put it a little lower than it was in the og design. That is why she looks more sad despite having a wider smile! But honestly I still love the Redesigns for the villagers I think they are very close to the original and can't wait to play. ✨

  6. I think takakura change is for japanese audience, you know that tatoo is kinda still taboo in japan, it just my theory tho

  7. Hmm. Kind of weird that we haven't seen Daryl yet. My favorite character in the game. I wonder if he got a glow-up as well, though I hope he's still weird and deranged as before, or else I'm not interested lol.

  8. Chris' design was perfection, I'm so disappointed they gave her pants when she was already so cute. They also did my man Marlin so dirty by yassifying him lol rip

  9. I miss the 90s anime inspired old artwork, never been a fan of the style story of seasons has going on since late 3ds(its the same artist too)

  10. I kinda wish they kept Takakura's tattoo, it gives him more personality imo. Some people have tattoos and it just makes you think there is history behind the character. It's not that big of a deal that they removed it though, just wondering why. I can understand Galen's cigarette being removed but there was nothing wrong with the tattoo.

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