Steam Deck Emulation Testing — Six Months Later!

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Updated EmuDeck guide:

The Steam Deck has been shipping for about six months now, and so it’s time to do an updated emulation showcase video to see what kind of performance we can expect on 2022’s most performant handheld.

PrimeHack guide:
Linus Tech Tips video on Nintendo emulation:
Yuzu Startup Guide:

00:00 introduction
01:16 my setup
02:39 retro systems (up to PSP)
03:49 GameCube, Wii, PrimeHack
06:42 3DS, PS2, Xbox
08:53 Wii U and PS3
10:57 Switch (and cat break)
13:30 summary and conclusion

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  1. Updated EmuDeck guide:
    A few notes (thanks for the all the questions and feedback):
    – Apparently using the v1.0.0 version of Link's Awakening improves performance; I was using v1.0.1 in my testing
    – When closing the PowerTools plugin, press the B button to close it instead of the QAM ("three dots") button, which can cause the SD to crash
    – If you experience slowdown when playing RetroArch, it's likely because you downgraded the display refresh in the Steam settings — set it back to 60Hz
    – I am currently not very interested in testing Xenia (X360) because most of those games are ported to PC or backwards compatible with current consoles. I may try a few exclusives down the line.
    – I also said "across the board" a lot in the video, forgive me.

  2. I am Outraged. OUTRAGED I say! You think onions are gross? They're tasty and smell fantastic what do you meeeean?
    Jokes aside, thank you a LOT for these videos. You are a big reason I'm buying a Steam Deck rn for emulation and gaming in general <3

  3. Reducing the threads simplifies scheduling and frees up thermal budget.
    So the effects for low thread applications are:
    Reduced overhead you where not benefiting from.
    Higher single core performance which is the main thing you care about.
    It cuts a few percent of the load of no use to you to assign more of the stuff you do care about. so whenever it comes to close calls that can do a lot.

    There are good reasons for that not being the default but youtube comments is not the time and the place for that. The short answer being: You are trading away pounds for pennies in other regions.

  4. 02:10 ,i wish emudeck whould have Cemu and then under it "comadore 64) , but im guessing some emulators there can run mulltiple consols?

  5. Hi , can steam deck be used with power adapter only like laptop without need to use battery ? if battery will fail will it run connectec to power ?

  6. Super nice overview of emulation. I've always loved that aspect of gaming just because it opens up such a huge library.

    Also, take a sip of water every time you hear "Across the board" xD

  7. I really want a handheld that will be rock solid with N64, PSX, PS2, and GC more then anything. And this looks like it will do the trick.

  8. A I9 3th gen cant even get 20fps in most emulators even in some hard to run ps2 games. This will get by on some ps2 games but don't make me laugh by saying it can do xbox or ps3

  9. I was liking the videos I found on this channel… then I get to a cat break. Damn it man, now I love it and need to subscirbe.

  10. Hello, I'm new to this, i wanna get one… My 1st question, can i get games downloaded on my pc (pirated that is) to work on steam deck by transferring them to sd card from pc to the deck?? My 2nd question, does it play ps vita emulation? and do u believe it can be a replacement to switch?
    Thank u….

  11. when emulating with yuzu i found that switching from vulcan to opengl fixed the stuttering issues

  12. With Dolphin, I had a similar issue when trying to play Slippi Melee on an old laptop. In Dolphin on windows, you can override the CPU clock and reduce the speed without any plugins or add-ons, which fixed the issue there. Interesting to see it pop up in another scenario.

  13. Damn, steam deck looks good for emulating I can't wait to try all the old ratchet and clank games, zelda games etc and especially zelda oot, mm, ww and tp with randomizer. Since my deck comes in a few days

  14. I was gutted, tried to emulate PS3 games littlebigplanet and nhl15, two great games, but it does not run and playing with settings for hours doesnt help, so no it doesnt emulate everything, only partially emulates some things.

  15. Favorite thing about the Steam deck is that Valve is supporting the hell out of it. It may have bugs but they have consistently put out updates to fix it. Sometimes going a bit beyond what was required. It shows they give a damn and want their product to flourish which I can respect.

  16. Nintendo Switch on Steam works really well?…No longer need my Switch anymore. I loved playing games like Skyrim, Zelda, Mario on Switch but now I'm getting a Steam Deck and Switch can collect dust.

  17. when you have 19 inch lapheld plays anything. you not want anymore gameboy small screens. even macbook is 14 inch lol why!?!? yes cheaper but still ask too much. we allready have 80 inch game tellys lol

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