Starting Your First Campaign in Total War: Warhammer 3 (Beginner's Guide)

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Whether it’s your first time playing Total War: Warhammer 3 or you’re a Total War veteran, this video will help you in Starting Your First Campaign in Warhammer 3. We’ll be covering a multitude of topics including Movement, Campaign Difficulty, Character Skills, Settlement Provinces, Income, Research, Diplomacy, Army Management, and Tips & Tricks.

00:00:00 Intro & Summary
00:02:21 Campaign Difficulties
00:05:33 Movement & Stances
00:13:01 Character Skills & Stats
00:21:54 Settlements & Provinces
00:39:31 Trade & Income
00:43:09 Research Tree
00:47:00 Diplomacy & Alliances
00:55:19 Army Management
1:04:29 Tips & Tricks

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  1. even though i have played the previous two games quite a bit (and also watched your tutorials for those), i actually learned several completely new things here (i figured as much, so i am watching your new ones here as well 😉 )
    question: you say the "local armies" effect applies to armies in local REGION. did you just misspeak or does that effect actually mean it applies only to those units built in that same settlement? i figured that effect means PROVINCE wide

  2. Really damn good video!! The tutorial in this game was far better then it was in Warhammer II and I got the gist of the game. But this really just solidified everything. Thanks for making this vid.

  3. why are the reviews mixed on steam? Is the game that bad off at launch or are people just complaining for the sake of complaining? Been thinking about getting it and don't know if i should based on half the reviews.

  4. I have question I’m new to this and I tried to put another lord in the army and it don’t let me do it but when I first play the prologue it let me have more than one lord in the army so it’s the campaign different and can only be one lord per army or I’m missing something?

  5. great video, very informative! not sure if i missed it, but what happens if you recruit from an ally, but in the future, you declare war against them? do those units you recruited turns ago abandon your army?

  6. this game doesent have enough Factions in it for me to put my time into it, im just gona wait until they release Mortal empires before i actually play the game.

  7. I have not watched your videos for a while since I wanted to see all the campaign stuff for myself. Finally I can return to my regular Spartacus content 😀 To me the problem is not really starting my first campaign but my second and third… the Realm of Chaos does not work. Once we get Mortal Empires things are much better. The big takeaway for me from the Realm of Chaos campaign is that the Rule of Cool never works!

  8. Have seen some people claiming that the battle ai in total war warhammer 3 improves as you increase the battle difficulty on top of getting buffs. Do you know if this is true or not?

  9. I have a new friend that just started playing this game. It’s easy to forget how overwhelming all the micro systems can be for a new player. Regardless, he said this is the best strategy game he’s ever played and surprised he never played total war before.

    For me, I’ve been playing so long it comes as 2nd nature. This video is perfect for those just joining this amazing trilogy.

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