Stardew Valley Rags to Riches! – PART 8 (socializing)

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➤ Welcome to my Stardew Valley 1.5 rags to riches series! Starting with nothing, can we become rich and successful with our newly created character Frederick Fisher, aka Derick!

1. Earn 1 million gold (millionaire achievement)
2. Fully upgrade the house (cellar stage)
3. Get married!
4. Have a baby? (not necessary)

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  1. Good news… the dog was found! Bad news it wasn't easy Boy have I got a funny crazy story to tell you about this whole dog escaping shenanigans in the next stream!!! That damn doggo is the life of me.

  2. I like longer videos however, I normally don't watch live streams, due to so much clutter on screen, loud notifications, and more talking then game play. I really like that you don't have all the clutter on screen, I do wish there was less talking to chat and more focused on game play but it is still much better then other streamers I have watched, so I will stick around, that and I am happy to see more Rags to Riches!

    Sharky, you should get a Kleep Kanteen Rise Tumbler, they keep hot drinks hot for around 6 hours and iced drinks for around 20 hours, then you don't have to worry about your tea going cold during streaming/recording.

    With all the natural water, ponds/sloughs you have on your farm there is no way you should being paying for the sprinkler use. Everyone I know who lives on a farm/ranch that have natural water sources on their land just connect their sprinklers/water trough to their ponds or slough, it is just a one time fee to have the proper pump system and piping put it, less then a days work and minimal materials needed. I guess it does give the game a bit more challenge though.

  3. I have tried to watch this one like 3 times, and every single time I wake up in episode 9 after an amazing nap 😂

  4. I'm glad you're playing this series again! 💖 It's my favourite. Although I do hope you don't do too much live streams for this series. It took me 5-6 times of watching this just to finish it, it's too long to finish in one sitting for me and I got bored rather quickly too. But go Derrick! Would still watch it though less enjoyable in live stream format.

  5. Just found this series while searching for stardew videos. Are you allowed to craft tea saplings? Those sell for much money.

  6. I would honestly prefer a non-livestream playthough. I tend to find my ADHD struggles a lot with most streams, especially if the player stops what they were doing to speak to people. I usually end up losing interest and stop watching.

  7. I LOVE THIS SERIES SO MUCH Thank you for the edited vids and livestream! I'll keep up with any!

  8. I deff prefer videos. They feel more focused, and it's more digestible as a viewer. There is also the option of editing streams, so you can still have the fun and interactivity while maintaining the experience of the watchers

  9. I don't get to watch your live stream because I'm in Australia 😴 which is quite a bummer, I'd love to be a part of it! I enjoy watching the video, and glad you will be able to do it a little easier. Keep going Sharky!

  10. I love this series and as a live stream I love it as well please keep doing it my favorite series I wanna download the mods to do this my self cause of you

  11. Dandelions are actually a herb. Drink the tea and it detoxes your liver. Evelyn loves tulips ,chocolate cake and diamond for future reference. Jodi loves pancakes . When you get your house upgraded. I love this series.

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