SRW W (ENGLISH): VS Mazinger Z + Unique Dialogue [Stage 5: Machines & Mysteries](GaoGaiGar Gundam W)

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A rare moment in the game where everyone has unique lines when fighting Mazinger Z.
Part 1 of this stage:
Link to translation patch:
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0:00 Sayaka is kidnapped, Koji is forced to fight
1:29 Tetsuya VS Mazinger Z
2:12 Boss VS Mazinger Z
2:47 Noal VS Mazinger Z
3:11 Noin VS Mazinger Z
3:34 Quatre VS Mazinger Z
4:01 Duo VS Mazinger Z
5:07 Ryu Bros VS Mazinger Z
6:44 Volfogg VS Mazinger Z
7:12 Bless VS Mazinger Z
7:42 Kazuma VS Mazinger Z
8:52 GaoGaiGar VS Mazinger Z
10:14 Sayaka is saved
11:03 Koji & Mazinger disappear
11:22 Everyone reacts to Koji’s supposed death
12:23 Mithril Conversations
13:31 Pasdar & his 4 Machine Kings scheming

スパロボW #SuperRobotWarsW #スーパーロボット大戦W


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  1. I do think that with no VAs, one thing they did in these old games was have much more unique lines in battles for nearly every pilot. Nice to see translations for them now.

  2. You know, now that I think about it, we have fought Mazinger (or at least something similar to it) in almost every game in the franchise. That is kinda concerning.

  3. something that hits different about the sprite animations
    rather than the hand drawn animations of later games

    also i wonder why there wasn't any voice acting in this game

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