Special 8th Anniversary Treasure Hunt event Guide-Dragon Mania Legends | Eighth, Flos Virgo Dragon

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Special 8th Anniversary Treasure Hunt Event start on Today 11st Jan 2023 (12 Pm GMT), watch this video for full event guide
Running throughout Jan 11 to Jan 28 (yes that’s only 18 days), this event will come with a host of dragons new and old to collect. Available in the Treasure Hunt Altar during this time will be the…
– Eighth Dragon, cost 60 Amulets
– Flos Virgo Dragon, cost 90 Amulets
– Seventh Dragon, cost 15 Amulets
– Sixth Dragon, cost 15 Amulets
– Quartern Dragon, cost 15 Amulets
– Cupcake Dragon, cost 5 Amulets
The event itself will begin with 100 Shovels to get you started, but we’ve doubled the amount of Shovels awarded for each completed task. And if you’re missing the Fifth Dragon, then be sure to take part in the Bottomless Dungeon during the the week of Jan 16 where this celebratory dragon will appear

Week of January 9–16
Bottomless Dungeon with the Aloe Dragon! Dungeon Shop: Eagle Dragon.
Boss Challenge with the Don Dragon!
Otto’s Lotto with pieces of the Flame Dragon!
Dragon of the Week: the Bundt Dragon through Lucky Breeding! Its parents are the Smoke and Mud Dragons.
Jan. 9–13: Great Dragon Race!
Jan. 9–13: Piggy Bank!
Jan. 11: Gold Frenzy!
Jan. 11–29: Anniversary Treasure Hunt with birthday dragons!
Jan. 13–16: Golden Gatherer with the Touchdown Dragon (VIP), and Dinnertime with the Maple Leaf Dragon

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Special 8th Anniversary Treasure Hunt event Guide-Dragon Mania Legends | Eighth and Flos Virgo Dragon | DML
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  1. Did you notice that there are 4 primitives? Two are from the altar, that is, the eighth dragon and flos virgo, but there are two more in the codex, 15 primitives appear and when the previous one came out there were 11 in total and 11 plus two of this event 13 but 15 are shown, that is, 2 are missing

  2. Im gonna buy the two most expensive dragons first,eighth dragon and flos virgo dragon and btw do you think everyone have the same shovel placement in every map

  3. Beautiful! I an gonna take every dragon most probably,but exept the flos virgo dragon.he is so expensive.but I'll try to get every dragon,😀

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