Space Engineers Economy ONLY (Episode 1) – Starting With NOTHING!

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Hello everybody and welcome to a new Mini Series! This is “Economy Only”, a series where we start with absolutely nothing and have to work our way up in the world using Space Engineers Economy stuff! That means selling ores, doing contracts, and exploring to find new trade stations as we attempt to make money. I hope you enjoy episode 1 of this new mini series 😀

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  1. Cool idea but the jetpack kinda breaks immersion for me. Its way too overpowered in vanilla and with speed mod + no drag its wayyyyy overpowered. The silver node was a massive find (imo basically won right there just mine it and then buy refinery schem and basic mats to build one – then youre done, right?)

  2. Funny, I just did a playthrough like this. I created a new station on the moon that had rentable rooms. I'd pay rent in order to get energy, heal and order food. The worst part was having to buy food, since I could not build blocks to produce it. I did the search contracts until I could afford a small survival ship and started building from that. Another thing to call this is "rags to riches"

  3. Ore deposit colours are different depending on the biome type you are in. In areas with dark green grass, the patches are blotches of black spots but in areas with the light brown grass, the patches are white spots. Also, if you see an acquisition contract that you know you will be able to do at some point, just accept it as there is no time limit for completing them.

  4. Not sure if it is even functional, but this would be a neet idea for a Server or something where traditional progression is fully locked behind the economy system. The prices of items would need to be balanced though and a few block additions could add functions such as property claim, sub properties, rent charges, etc. Stations would use materials players brought in to produce components to be sold back to players to construct ships, rovers, etc.

    Another idea that came in my mind is upgradable bases via holograms of templates pre-made. Paid for by credits before you could construct the building.

  5. im interested in trying out this game style, with the blueprints as well. is there a mod your using to take them from the g menu and having them show up as a ship? or is it just a datapad with a permit?

  6. If you think of SCs as Yen, things start to make more sense, yes 2$ (200CR) will refill your suit, but it'll cost 76,500,000SC to fill up a small grid tank, or 765,000$. a 50,000SC rent sounds like a lot but it's only 500$ per day, less than most city hotels today, seriously.
    Like I said, if you think of them as yen, the economy surprisingly makes sense.

  7. Dude had such a powerful and energetic intro that it killed off my internet for an hour or so

  8. as i understand there are 3 groups of factions each having 3 types of shops then some singular ones that connect some of them. you need to watch the rep for discounts and id you reach a negative with any a bouny contract can be made to kill you as to enthuse pvp. if that helps

  9. I kinda got forced doing this in multiplayer after my landing pod totally fkd up the landing… I instantly lost my h2 gen and survival kit was dangerously damaged so almost lost that too

  10. It's such a shame that SE never progressed into being a fully fleshed out gaming experience. It had so much amazing potential with the core systems and game mechanics they created. It's still fun to jump into it now and then just to mess around and see what kind of new ship or base design you can come up with. But it's sad that there isn't really any point to keep playing once you've built your great new design other than an artificial narrative or concept that you've created in your own mind.

  11. I would love to see a community server of this concept. Something like the demon black company anime and shipbreaker. Like the admins are the higher-ups and they have access to the refineries and all the machines. Where the workers (community members and/or subscribers) can only mine, gather ore, sell, build vehicles, rent lodgings, build houses, etc. And if the workers built their own refinery and they get caught. They could go to prison for having unlicensed refinery. And to keep the admins from doing whatever they want they have to get warrants. That way they can't just pop right into a player's base.

  12. You should add a mod that makes it so that the only way to get a refinery is to already have a refinery. That way you can't just build a refinery by finding the materials and/or scavenging for them.

  13. I've done this challenge before. I like to start on the moon and fly around doing search contracts. Helps to do them at night. Only accept the ones from stations on the surface. It's also easier to travel around to the different stations. I did have drops turned on though and then I was eventually able to pirate a ship that earned me a lot of money.

    My rules though is that you could do everything in the base game except for refine ore. I was never allowed to refine ore.

  14. only suggestion i have is to grab the good contracts the moment you see them so they dont get reset on you

  15. when buying datapads from a station, only that faction's allies station locations will be sold to the player, hence why you're only getting those 3 factions

  16. When you buy datapads, you only get coords from allies of that faction. So you need to buy from different factions to finally discover some from each.

  17. they patched out seeing ores from the top, they changed that some time ago. you can randomly find large asteroids that landed that look like large rocks.

  18. ive watched wellington6012 start an almost identical play through last week, more limits slow start but he make good progress, might be worth a watch

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