Soup to Go – Green Hell VR Quest – Tip & Tricks

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Soup is powerful good in Green Hell VR, soup to go is even better! Here’s how you can cook up some road soup for your jungle travels.

Follow the story of Jake Higgins, a famous anthropologist, who is thrown deep into the emerald and impenetrable Amazonian rain forest – the green hell.
*This video was re-uploaded due to an editing error.
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  1. These tips and tricks were unknown to me while playing. Thx for the tips on the soups ! It's a good way to manage those stats.

  2. If you’re struggling with fat, make soup with Tapir meat. It has a TON of fat. So much better than eating the meat

  3. The mushroom with the froth round it is poison raw but cooked in soup is the best mushroom to eat in the game. Also crab and fish soup is really great.

  4. This was a game changer for me making the canteens. You ca make it strong if you only use 5 units of water. And bone broth is not the best soup you can make.

  5. You are an absolute lifesaver I just got my Oculus quest a few days ago and I just got green hell yesterday and I've just been binge watching your videos to understand the survival mechanics because I kept on dying to stupid stuff.

  6. Man I wish I had watched this video sooner, lmao. I'm already stuck, far away from everything, with NO water. 🥲

  7. You've taught me a couple tricks now and it's funny that my main save is almost identical to what you showed here

  8. Does anyone know how to build bases with logs and all or is that only in the flatscreen version

  9. Your videos are really helpful!! I spent so long, gathering coconuts and making loads of different soups ready for my trek. I was gone for what seemed like ages, and ended up at the same f'kin place where i set off!! 🤣

  10. this game has become so choppy(low frame rate) that it's almost unplayable. I'm on the second map, trying to make the next ritual drink and I'm stuck!!! The recent update did nothing at all to fix this. This happened once before, and I had to reinstall the game and lose all my progress. Now, i'm about 30 hours in and I can't throw it all away again. Anyone have any solutions?

  11. I've been playing through this on my channel as well. I watched someone play this a few years ago. I'm so glad this is on vr now. Such a cool game

  12. I have issues with starch and what's the green stats? I am back to the first camp making soups. But these are stats that I am lacking. There are only so many bananas that I can find in a camp.

  13. Thank you. Definitely subscribing….. First day in jungle….walked off cliff, poked snake with stick & picked up the funky frog….. Yeah I had my fun but didn't do to well in the game!

  14. Bro. Did you already finished the game? I think this is the first video that is 'life changing' for me with my game. Thank you.

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