Sophstar – Steam Release Trailer

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Sophstar is a modern homage to the arcade shoot’em ups from the 90s. Choose one out from 9 different ships each with 2 different weapons and an unique teleport mechanic.

Find out about Soph’s past while she battles invading forces from a planet that suddenly appeared near her home system, Galanian.

Out on Steam 18th Feb 2022.

Special Thanks:

Editing: Guilherme Gustavo Gohr
Soundtrack Trailer Remix: Chernabogue
Sound Effects: Sam Cope
Original Soundtrack: Gabriel Gomes

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  1. The trailer is so awesome!! And the soundtrack is *chef's kiss*. I seriously can't wait to have it in my hands and make my own score. Super excited for everyone who worked on this.

  2. Incrível demais! Não tenho palavras pra descrever quanto eu amei esse trailer. Parabéns a toda equipe envolvida~~

  3. O jogo está demais!!! O trailer está lindo. Tive a oportunidade de jogar a versão final e super recomendo. É como jogar um arcade em casa!

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