Sony Censorship: Martha is Dead

YouTube video

My thoughts and theories on the latest victim of Sony censorship.
Let me know what you guys think in the comments.


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  1. Sony has been on a censorship spree in the last 3 years ever since they moved their headquarters to SJW snowflake breeding ground California it started with sexual content where anime girls and female characters were covered up and censored to censoring violent content which is hypocritical since last of us 2 was pretty violent but that's okay but not Martha is dead

  2. The real problem is two fold.
    1) Sony is ignoring existing rating boards and applying additional, undocumented, censorship rules on top of it. If a game is rated by ESRB, PEGI, USK, CERO, or whatever rating system is supposed to be used as Adults/18, Sony should not arbitrarily censor it further.
    2) Sony needs to communicate their platform guidelines clearly and publicly so that developers know what to avoid or request a second opinion on. Existing rating boards have clear guidelines on what is allowed for a certain age rating and what is not, so as long as a dev keeps their game within those limits they know it will be able to get released with the desired ratings. Sony allows murders with graphic deaths in games like TLOU2, allows the player to perform actual torture games like Grand Theft Auto, but then turns around and blocks other (smaller) games from having the same content. That is just wrong.

  3. Sony again ensuring more and more that I will always buy my multiplatform titles elsewhere. Will never support censorship.

  4. I was such a big Sony fan. It was perfect, because the consoles performed well and had so many western and japanese games. Nintendo has shit hardware, xbox doesn't really have much to offer for fans of japanese games. I am not a PC gamer, i like playing on the tv. I despise current PS

  5. Washed my hands of Sony and Playstation in 2016 when they moved HQ to California and started their censoring spree. Hope they go broke. I'm all pc now.

  6. They shouldn't release it on Sony plateform to make an example. Xbox has it problems as well. Video games should not be cennsored. I'm just disappointed. May just buy it on steam

  7. I was having a hard time deciding if I should pre-order this one, but Sony may have put the nail in the coffin for me

  8. also even though this monthstrophy challange isnt an option for me you should check my profile anyway:P

    I am sure you wil enjoy to see my latest plat and the time it took me to finish:P

  9. sony sucks but the devs suck as well to a degree

    because devs do it they should just say well too abd then I wont release any games anymore on your platform if enough devs do it you force sony.

  10. I know Modern Warfare 2 had a similar situation where you can turn off graphic content (ala particular missions). so it’d be probably be better to have the option to turn off the graphic parts as you start the game instead of ‘there’s graphic content in the game you’re gonna play and there’s nothing you can do about it’ situation. I don’t know but I usually don’t let these things deter me as severely as some people. Let’s keep it civil.

  11. I think developers should either fight against censorship or get the best of it. South Park The Stick of Truth was censored in a pretty funny way, maybe even better than the uncensored. In this case they could market that the game was too spooky for Sony so they had to censor some of it.

  12. This is heartbreaking. Sony is pushing loyal fans like me away. I don't buy anything thats been censored. I'll buy it on another platform or just not at all.

  13. I've hated Sony ever since they moved HQ to California. And the day they go bankrupt will be one of the greatest days ever.

  14. I don't approve at all the Sony Censorship policy, and the Censorship in general… Every time I can and the game is available on multiple platforms and not censored on them, I buy that game elsewhere, to send a message.

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