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Sol Cresta review

Sol Cresta is a fantastic shoot ‘em up that should keep fans of the genre entertained for a long time.

For anyone who’s still just dabbling with the genre, there are a slew of genuine retro shoot ‘em ups on the Switch which serve as perfectly fine entry points at a fraction of the cost.

For those who already adore the genre, however – the sort of people who call them ‘schmups’ – Sol Cresta won’t leave you disappointed.

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► Video produced & presented by Chris Scullion | @scully1888
► Music by Grant Kirkhope | @grantkirkhope

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  1. Seems like developers have missed a trick here. I for one would love a xenon 2 megablast style game but use 120fps 4k graphics not pixel art…. I like retro gameplay not retro graphics 😔

  2. Subbed also. Love to See more shmups soon and maybe even the cuphead dlc…….maybe…..before my Life Ende WE will See the cuphead dlc……anyway .

  3. I liked the review and am looking forward to the game, but man… Chris you gotta work on your enthusiasm when reading the script; you're sounding kinda monotonous here. :/

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