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  1. I want to like this. Nichibutsu was my fave b-tier developer. Maybe we'll see a Mag Max 2?
    In the days of Crimzon Clover, it's hard to get excited about this.

  2. This opening really drives home the fact that I played Terra Cresta without knowing what it even was as a kid on a cabinet at a Boys and Girls Club. I only played it maybe on two occasions, and I don't think I ever beat the first stage, but it was fun. I guess I've been waiting over 15 years for this and I didn't even know it. It's like the stars aligned to make this memory resurface and get me even more excited for Sol Cresta. Maybe one day I'll play the other two games.

  3. As soon as I heard there was a physical collectors edition of this I preordered. I remember Terra Cresta. I Love old school shooters (My favourite Genre) and Platinum have created some classic games over the years, looking forward to Sol Cresta.

  4. This story is the same bonkers nonsense as every single shmup from 1978-2002 and I am absolutely here for it. Already pre-ordered the Limited Run package. Can't wait!

  5. Pre-ordered the Collector's Package from LRG! Very excited! I've always loved shmups even though I'm not very good at them! Please continue to make excellent single-player action games!

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