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SIFU is a beat em up action game with tight pakmei inspired kung fu combat. Sifu gameplay is incredibly rewarding, but challenging, so here is a beginner’s guide to help you get started.

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  1. The key is not to button mash in sifu and counter and parry, run away to reposition yourself, Never have back against a wall, always go into a fight with a weapon or bottle.

  2. Should I play it with a controller or keyboard? I'm currently playing on keyboard and the keybinds are really stupid and hard to memorize. Never seen such dumb keybinds in my life to be honest.

  3. Can someone explain how the aging works in regards to the levels it makes no sense. Quitting is the best tactic as you stay 20 and keep the keys you unlock

  4. I started watching your chanel for MHW tips, and now you Are my go to chanel for pretty much all games😅✌🏼

  5. I just started this game. It’s hard, maby a bit to hard for me because i don’t enjoy it to much because of it

  6. On harder to fight ppl with weapons throw weapon at them trip em ground punch take they weapon throw at em trip ground punch ect

  7. Best tips I have are try to get mobs in 1v1 fights by running away vaulting or luring a gang into a different place. The minute they surround you its goodnight. Learn to block/avoid s+space avoid the hit then counter with your hit. Shout FUCK at the screen ALOT it will helps.

  8. Guard is getting held by just clicking L1 ,, not holding only one click make me on guard status,, is it the game or a problem??

  9. Guys. Change your controller settings. The movement is regular the left stick like in every modern game. But the time to dodge multiple times can delay for a few second to press the button upwards or downwards. My suggestion is to change the movement to the D-PAD! Its a lot easier to dodge multiple times. Especially against Yang. I changed my setting after i almost gave up and realized it would be much more efficient against the endboss. Try this out guys.

  10. The game needs a block break. This game is entirely luck based and ur just hoping the enemy stops magically blocking every attack no matter how much u mix it up. And if an enemy is mid combo and I find an opening to hit him, he should not just power thru it and be able to hit me back, makes no sense.

  11. I’m confused on how to perma unlock stuff, do i have to perma unlock something 4 times to actually have it permanently

  12. all the red in the training room really messes with my eyes after awhile. wish they would change it to something else.

  13. This game is legit hard. It's very satisfying though, very, very satisfying. When you get an enemy's patterns down and just dumpster them. Feels SO good. The hallway fight scene in the first level is brilliant.

  14. Bruh I have problems with parry and dodge and which combos to do while the opponent stun already at age 32 at the squats part

  15. Bruh, i still can't believe i'm on level 2 after a bunch of days playing, i guess i will have to start over so i can reach there pretty young

  16. There should be a way to unlock different training scenarios by purchasing them. But since they like making things difficult for players, each scenario would be super high in price.

    For example, if you want to fight 3 people at once in the training room that'll be like $3,000. Five people would be $5,000. Each boss, like from montage in the beginning of the game…$10,000.

  17. Idk if I just suck or not but this game easily helped me identify my weaknesses such as dodging low attacks and taking my time. I’m currently trying to learn the museum boss’s move set. This game is hard but it’s so good I have to learn. 9/10

  18. First day was all hard core raging. I had to take take a break from it. Haven’t given up yet, just need to git gud…

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