SIFU – Full Game Walkthrough – Spare All Bosses/True Ending (4K 60FPS)

YouTube video

A Full Game Walkthrough for those who want to see how the whole game plays out. This was my 3rd or 4th playthrough so there are some deaths along the way.

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  1. Wtf I didn't even know you could actually spare these mfers lol I thought the title was part joke but damn I'm dumb lol

  2. Every boss except the final one kinda represents one element:
    First one: earth
    Second one: fire
    Third one: water
    Fourth one: wind

  3. that 2.5D fight section in the beginning inside the warehouse reminds me a lot of that scene in oldboy. I imagine it's a bit of a subtle reference?

  4. Grunt: "Please don't hit me"
    Grunt tells everything about his boss, Sean
    Grunt: "Thank goodness"
    MC: "Wait, I still want the experience points"
    goes back to beat the grunt anyway

  5. Seems like they actually got a master for the three segmented staff it is a difficult weapon to use. Nunchucks bigger and better older brother

  6. The real star off this game is the Ai It’s funny how they follow breathing patterns when we about to attack the moment you’re in between breath Why are you attacking they attack you

  7. The guy who is the sword fighting choreographer for this game is not a real master It’s to0 traditional lack dexterity And he’s only using one hand n No fainting Extremely direct. I know I’m nitpicking but they had a lot of time to perfect certain things it should’ve been better and not look so rigid like a robot

  8. This guy use eye strikes way too much A real martial artist would’ve kept swiping them off their feet and finish them while they’re on the ground it’s way quicker when you have gravity to assist you with power

  9. Looks like I’m going to need to do a no death all spares run now I didn’t even know this was a feature b huff I’ve flawlessed the game once time for round 2 🙂

  10. That's kinda stupid…If you spare the bosses, then you are the good guy…
    But what about all of the goons that bossess have? Kinda weird, you can rekt them and it's no biggie.

  11. I love this game, its great and it looks like a blast. But one things that pisses me off to no end is "WHY DO YOU KEEP PICKING THEM UP?!?!?" every single time he knocks someone prone and punches them in the face, he grabs their arm and drags them to their feet, MAKE THEM STAND UP AND GET SOME BREATHING TIME!!! AHHHHH

  12. I keep having an issue where the bosses take too much damage before I can stagger them again. When watching back the fight with Sean are you countering his hits to impact structure or just blocking them?

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