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  1. Basically Arkham games + Sekiro (the block gauge is literally from Sekiro, even the little graphic itself and how it fills up).
    Looks interesting.

  2. I really enjoyed this game thank you so much for reviewing it I bought it I had so much fun I can’t wait for the next before you buy

  3. This game is not for every one..gotta study…my homie beat this game in 2 days probably had to start over once…im on my 14th try

  4. Im just happy dident give the option for “other” in the gender selection screen, probably wouldn’t have bought if it did, cant support that shit lol

  5. Spolier free.. the gAme has 5 levels with a boss at each end…thanks for spoiling when to expect the end of the gAme lol,its all good i will never play it.

  6. Sounds like more stressful than fun. Pathetic how many companies try to get by with this rage game trend instead of just making a fun content filled game.

  7. JAKE!!! There are alternate endings to the story!!! Meaning this game is definitely more than meets the eye! Check it out!

  8. This game remind me of jet li's rise to honor ps2 game, but yeah this game is amazing it got me by surprise i didn't think the control would feel that good

  9. Something kind of similar to this I feel like is Styx: Shards of Darkness. Its not a fighting game its a stealth game but it has several large levels with a bunch of ways to solve the level. If you like the way the Sifu is laid out and you like grinding levels over and over again while trying to get a high score you might like Styx.

  10. This game sucks. It was something to do until elden ring comes out, but don't bother. Just wait a week. Get some house cleaning done or something in the mean time.

  11. I personally LOVE this Game 😁 Its A Beat'em Up. Kung Fu Beat'em Up, reminds me of Jackie Chan Stuntmaster (PSX), Rise To Honor (PS2), heck Even the Beat'em Up style of The Batman Arkham Games. Its Damn Worth It and I encourage Everyone To Play it 👍 Especially if Ya'll are a Fan of Old Kung Fu Movies Like i am 💪💪💪

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