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  1. I'm loving this game! It's solid though, but I'm enjoying the challenge. I'm currently stuck on The Fighter, though. I feel like I do a little better each time though, but he still ends up slaughtering me in the end! Ah well, I will get there! Thanks for the video 🙂

  2. Btw it's completely possible to get all the moves replaying the first 2 levels if you pay attention to the xp counter until you're done. I hated that giant counter popping up on my screen but i needed it to see the multiplier. Once I got all the moves, I switched the hud off. Still wish I had my health bar but it's better than a giant red counter blocking half my screen.

  3. one day- mark my words- we are gonna have a Sifu anxiety support group formed lol. Everyone knows how stressful and annoying this game is yet its new and unique and exciting so we deal with it.

  4. strong sweep is so bad, you can just use the first focus move and then regular sweep them for more damage every time. much better than wasting your focus.

  5. Anyone else feel that this game evolves with your skill level? I'm trying to beat this game without dying… and parts that I can breeze through sometimes give me a hard time. It's insane!

  6. Best 2022 game so far. Although I’m sure elden ring will beat it. But this is still a borderline masterpiece

  7. i think it's hilarious that people are crapping out on the SECOND boss when it's the THIRD boss that is possibly harder than the fourth and fifth bosses.

  8. +health on takedowns is a tiny tiny upgrade even at 3 pips. Your advice sets people up for failure, I'm sorry to be the one to have to tell you.

  9. Mentioning throwing weapons being a useful tactic without mentioning that some enemies can catch thrown weapons is incredibly misleading.

  10. Weapon Mastery gives you one extra strike with a bat, or a short-lived bat off of a staff. It's overpriced.

  11. Eye strike gives you a fully charged backfist and a combo, strong sweep gets you a knockdown that you're going to get at the end of an eye strike combo anyway.

  12. all my permanent skills resets (i mean deleting like there is nothing) each i start the game. idk really and it drives me insane i couldn't find anything about that. only thing i suspect is its just because im playing pirately :/ (i actually brought the game after trying the pirate version but, still playing on pirate one)

  13. I’ve come to realize that the ground attack isn’t invincible I’ve been kicked out of the animation numerous times

  14. Just gonna say, the boss of the club is way too easy, just dodge high for all attacks besides from when you swings his staff from the ground up

  15. Can someone explain to why when I give up on a level and exit back to the hub of the game all of my skills are gone even the ones I made permanent?

  16. Sorry but the strong sweep is terrible. You should go for the eye strike, heavy attack and then you can sweep their leg as they are still stunned. This even works on bosses.

  17. Shameless channel plug incoming lmaooo, seriously tho a subscribe is all a brother askin for. i make daily walkthroughs on plenty of releases old and new. thanks.

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