SIEM REAP 100% CLEAN ENERGY! – Power To The People – 03 – Power To The People gameplay

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POWER TO THE PEOPLE gameplay: In Power To The People, we’ll challenge ourselves to provide electricity to constantly growing cities and demands.
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Build and maintain a power grid for a constantly growing population, while fighting off all kinds of disasters in this thrilling resource management experience. It’s time for you to give “Power to the People”! Do you have what it takes to keep the lights on?

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  1. I dont like pineapple on pizza, but I'm not telling people that it's wrong. Pineapple is a good fruit as it is 🙂

  2. Fruit of any kind on pizza is an abomination!!!! *except the Apple/cherry pie topping pizza at the Buffett. That’s different. 😉

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  4. If you have only 70% power used from generators and 30% from storage, it does means you need 30% more generation. If main town eats 240 MW alone during peak, it single-handedly requires 3 dams to work just on that town alone.

  5. I personally dont like pinaple on pizza, but I don't side with the mob, because who cares what people like to eat. I like what I like, and you like what you like and we can have our separate oponions

  6. I have a problem when connecting my wind turbines to the high power lines. I didn't get any output even though there were high winds.

  7. I think that certain maps give a bonus to certain types of green energy or discounts and penalties for certain types of energy. This one was talking about dams because here you get more power than you normally would by setting up a dam. I think what you are seeing is the base number which does not change base on area. So if you have a place with high water flow then I think that the max output changes to take advantage of that. It might be the same for wind power.

    Then again it could be a bug but who knows where the text is not displaying correctly.

  8. i got a theory bout the dams, i think the 105k is base for the dam, then you pay 35k for a extra section of dam, thus giving the extra power, 175k is just another 35k ontop of that, probably giving you even more power, making it more efficient to buy the more expensive placements of dams i think

  9. Yay, the new video just after I watched the last episode.
    How about a durian on pizza.
    You forgot the small diesel power plant.
    I think Jakobstad is the next.

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