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  1. i would love to see a few centerconsoles in this game. yellowfin 36/39, freeman 42, onslowbay 27. (all powered by mercury) havent seen a ship game with centerconsoles, which is why im hoping to finally see some. also maybe adding the ability to trim your motors up (only on the centerconsoles).

  2. its kinda sad how plane sims and truck sims look realistic af expressly Microsoft flight sim it looks beautiful same with earo truck sim and ATS but ship sims everyone i find looks bad like old school graphics dev for ship sim games are slacking and way nehinde need to catch up with modern games its really sad all i see is mobile ship sims thats even worse

  3. Hello, thank you for your game ! I think it's the most realistic ship sim game I saw… I just would like to know, in order to display the game on several screens, to create a wide view , will you add this feature? Also the possibility to export nmea data to an ecdis? And to display the radar on another screen ? (Like bridge command do).
    Thank a lot

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