Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments – Launch Trailer – Nintendo Switch

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The award-winning story-driven detective thriller, Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments is out now on Nintendo Switch!


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  1. I wanted to buy it 3 years ago on PS4; however, I didn’t buy it because I wanted to finish the Uncharted games first. Noticing its discount and the fact it is on the switch, I picked it up last night. I’ve heard great things about it and I hope I enjoy it as well.

  2. 25$ now on eshop !!! Saleeeeeee !! I will buy it !
    I saw this game a few years ago on ps store but yeah expensive, I just bought the devil daughter one n I will buy this one and play on switch !! I wanna feel the different 😍

  3. Is this game like professor Layton where you solve mysteries and solve puzzles? If so I'm gonna instantly buy it when it launches.

  4. About time we got this on Switch. I LOVE The Sinking City, give us more Frogwares; we love you guys on Nintendo systems!!!!

  5. Nintendo si no pones al creador de la voz de mario que es charles martinet en la pelicula o en los juegos no pienso ver la película o jugar los juegos de mario aún que esten muy buenos

  6. I kind of wish they'd ported over Testament of Sherlock Holmes instead, since I haven't played that one. I really liked this one when I played on a different platform though

  7. This is such a great game. I already have it on the PS4 but I’m so glad to see it on the Switch. We need more Sherlock Holmes games like this and Devil’s Daughter

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