Season Pass, Exotic Weapons, and Risen Artifact (New Raid Exotic) | Destiny 2 Witch Queen

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Bungie just dropped a whole bunch of new content. In this video we go over the season 16 pass, artifact mods, and new exotics, Including the hidden raid pulse rifle.
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00:00 Intro – Grand Overture
00:57 Season Pass
07:50 Exotic Weapons
13:57 Artifact mods
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  1. One thing I hate about these content creators and their friends is that they always agree with each other’s opinions on skins or anything. It’s like they’re afraid to disagree to anything they see

  2. Potential Hunter burst DPS with Moebius, Devouring Depths with Suppressive Darkness, Orpheus Rig and Echo of Starvation once we have access. Use a well or Bubble to get a Orb for Devouring, Moebius suppresses and give weaken and volatile, Orpheus give us the extra shot so 2 big dmg shots to follow up the first then whatever exotic is meta to pump the remaining dps while suppressive darkness active.

  3. It's gotta be a 4 round burst pulse because Bungie said we were getting another one of those this expansion and none of the pulses are 4 burst. So there's either a 4 burst legendary pulse from the raid of the exotic itself is one.

  4. I can't believe there's no exotic quests unlocking after the raid is beaten. Last year we had the Lament quest unlock after the raid. I guess maybe the Glaives but glavies in general are extremely underwelming and they're not really linked to the after-raid story. But those and the raid pulse are the only exotics we don't yet have and we have all weapon sources already except the raid/trials/IB weapons with 2 of those being available with saved engrams/bounties meaning nothing of importance is coming after the raid. I don't care about a new pinnicle source as there's already so many powerful and pinnicle sources paired with the 1520 gear pack from the legendary campaign that hitting max pinnicle will only take a couple weeks with decent rng using all 3 characters. I've also seen no real cool secrets on the Throne World besides one's for triumphs. So while the campaign and story/lore of this expansion was great the actual activities, secrets and after raid content seems well under something like Forsaken and even Taken King(secrets wise). Maybe we'll get an update next week, or after the raid, that adds in some new rewards/weapons and an exotic otherwise what's the point. There's a cool exotic sparrow from the Dead Messenger mission but with Always on Time being so broken no other sparrows are even worth using. Also the exotic armor this season is EXTREMLY underwelming. The Warlock boots are decent and the hunter gloves I think that buff duskfield are kinda interesting as well but everything else is straight dogshit imo. Where's our Curiass of the Falling Star equivalent for Nova Bomb that significantly buffs damage so that super is worth using? So we'll see what happens after the raid but if we don't get some new stuff from an update that isn't currently in the database(which would be a great option for them because of datamining) then outside of the phenomenon legendary campaign I still think Forsaken has this expansion beaten on content and loot, but it definitely does on sure number of loot and exotics and it's not even close when comparing them strength wise. Taken King maybe as well but that one is closer in quality due to the way D1 was structured back then.

  5. Looks like it will be pretty easy for hunters to consistently apply weaken with some of those higher artifact mods. Maybe they wont be useless in endgame pve afterall

  6. how do we get suppressor nades on warlock? also can we get a manacles buff where it also gives a second suppressor xD

  7. New raid pulse rifle looks like it made out of bone. Maybe we’ll use Savathuun’s crown and make it into a weapon after we rip it off her corpse

  8. Exotic pulse for the raid kinda reminds me of Touch of Malice. They don't look very much alike, but if it's a Hive raid rather than Scorn, it could be an updated version of it

  9. Man this is my favourite time in destiny, the first week of a new expansion when everyone is engrossed in the game and excited by all the new gear.

  10. We're not going to convert Osiris into a GL – it's going to be the ultimate disrespect. He's going to be a skin for Parasite, and it will launch little explosive Sagiras.

  11. I just love that grand overture is the big Cabal guy with the concussion machine gun/stasis missiles weapon. Now I too can feel like a Arnold Schwarzenegger in Commando.

  12. They really went all out with the weapons this season I love it. Not a big fan of bungie pushing so hard for people to use the energy wells and supression though. Pigeon-holeing players into a specific play style to be effective in endgame is always annoying. "Here's void 3.0 so you can have way more versatility and utility in your builds, but if you aren't using supression grenades you're doing it wrong"

  13. You can actually use the Volley Shots of the Grand Overture without any ammo, for now, until Bungie changes it, and nerf the Warlock soon lmao 😂

    I main Warlock, and it's so nuts with Nez Sin. Near infinite Melees, Grenades & Rifts. And the melee's tracking it insane. An Alcolyte ran pass me, so I aimed at one of front of me, and it completely turned 180 to target the one behind me. Like whaaat lmao

    Warlock Void PVP is totally be nerfed soon though

  14. Also when you hover over the ornament for the new raid weapon it kinda shows what it looks like with out the ornament.

  15. Am I crazy or do you not have to get void kills for devour anymore? I noticed in the campaign it was refreshing after every kill with thorn.

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