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Welcome finally to Scorn, the game has now released and I am ready to delve into this mysterious and wonderful world.

Part 0 (The Prologue):

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  1. when you know all of the structure is made out of literal bone, also from what I been theorizing, this game is like the human body, but that's what I think cause some part are from the human body like the acid part, I guess from I heard that's stomach acid so that's what I've been thinking this games about, it's the human body

  2. Stupid what is not the same character you play in the prologue was a different care either one inside an egg must be attached his own mobilico cable

  3. Hey Ryan, if you like weird, fever dream-like games, maybe you should check the "…Of The Killer" series ? It's a pretty fun one. First of the series is "The Drool Of The Killer" and it's just all very bizarre and yet nonchalant about it. Give it a shot 🙂

  4. Each of the humanoids is an egg. Human egg,
    Most don’t make
    It, just like in real life, but some
    Do, but sometimes SPOILERS

    Even the eggs they do get fertilized still miscarry, represented by the ending. So close to it but the parasitic twin, prevented them.

    That’s my interpretation

  5. I love how the parasite just casually holds your items, it’s almost like it’s just saying ”raaa! I’m gonna dig my hands into your gut and tear out your intestines and- hold up what? Yeah, yeah I’ll hold your keys, no problem”

  6. Well that parasite was just like

    “First time seeing” (run away)
    “Some minute later” (hug him)
    “The end” (hug him too much)

  7. This is like a combination of doom, Minecraft, and elder scrolls and it’s so so weird

  8. 39:18 "I'm sorry about that! Sorry Sorry.. I'm sorry. I don't mean it."

    2 seconds later: "What about if I use it again?"

  9. This is what I liked about Doom Eternal. Instead of the gore you cause, you get to experience environmental gory stuff as well. Weird af but it just sort of appealed to me that I had to buy it myself.

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