SB Plays Marvel's Midnight Suns 03 – This Is How Human Interaction Works

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Maybe all this busywork is intended to keep us from encountering the horrible load times often enough to be really upset about them.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns is a Marvel universe tactics game from Firaxis, makers of the XCOM series. I’m pretty excited to see what they can cook up for a strategy game featuring superheroes!
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  1. I feel like the light/dark choices were done pretty well in Bioware's The Old Republic MMO. In that game it at least makes sense for the force users most of the time and fits in with the world.

    So, Strange gives the Hunter a choice about what to do with the Hydra crate and then basically says "No, that's wrong" and you are forced do do what he wanted anyway?

  2. So far the game feels like the only freedom the player has is during the combat. The rest of the time they are made to just sit and watch until they are allowed to resume control again. It's a bit frustrating. I hope it gets better later, but I don't get my hopes up.

  3. 46:13 Does Magik's shirt's text say Dark…Side?

    01:11:40 Wait, in the trial thing they said the Hunter can trace her lineage back to the very first Blood people(?) meaning there was procreation going on but here they mention that those of the Blood should do the "you are an Angel so no kids for you!" thing. What?

  4. Firaxis has basically tried the Gloomhaven approach here–i.e. jam everything people like into your game. It worked with Gloomhaven imo. Less sure here.

  5. 12:00 In Knights of the Old Rebuplic the dark vs light thing the same thing happens — a group of leaders start gatekeeping the powers that others should have or use and most importantly, whatfor. For some weird reason, that's a light action as far as the game's concerned and once Ravan finds out what happens doing the right thing (telling the jedi council to go suck eggs) is considered a dark choice. The player is asked to basically be okay with scrambling someone's mind because their political choice doesn't align with the ruling class.
    To this day I can't commit to a light side playthrough of kotor just because of what it implies: torture is okay if it's happening to someone you don't agree with and the victim should take it in stride. Revan ends up as Darth Revan every time. I can't see what was done to Revan as an opportunity for a second chance (As long as she sucks council woodies) at all. Why should she thank her torturers? That doesn't make sense in the slightest.
    The same weird choice is happening here as well. Whatever happened, Agatha was the only one willing to help Wanda. Why isn't the player allowed to explore that aspect? It's not even the reason why Wanda went evil if you listen to what's bing said, Wanda went evil because she was punished getting to grips with her powers. Why should Wanda be thankful for the opportunity to be banished to whatever dimension Dr Strange is in at the moment just because some high and mighty gatekeepers aren't okay with her powers? Wanda is basically Darth Revan in this scenario and she made the right choice for her situation. Good on her.
    In this kind of game-scenarios it's always better to be the torturer than being the torturee.

  6. Regarding the runaways, the only runaways I know made loud-ass tonedeaf music. But as a teenager I loved watching them.
    So, to bring back an old meme: 'Game doesn't go where I want it to go.'

  7. Sick of games presenting a choice where only one option gains benefit. Like in Deus Ex, stealth is obviously the clear choice coz you get more XP. In this game, sucking up to everyone is the clear choice coz of the gameplay benefits. I am not at top form in combat coz I keep being dismissive of Dr Strange's eccentricities in conversation.

  8. They went with She Hulk for the Justice card, and not Daredevil? Come on, the guy is BLIND, the joke writes itself.

  9. "Then they probably shouldn't have picked a lawyer operating in the American Justice System!" From the couch, my wife laughs out loud.

  10. Oof… They did Agatha DIRTY with that model. They completely messed up her face trying to make her look younger, she's got a weird stare, and not even her hair looks right.

  11. hey SB, for some reason the video is capped at 360p, i dont know if thats an issue on my end, youtube's, or your yours, just thought id let ya know

  12. But SB, Bioware defined what all narrative RPGs must be forever and ever!

    EDIT: I think light and dark are just paragon and renegade from Mass Effect. No narrative difference, just how much of a "jerk" you want to be.

  13. The light/dark system could have been done interestingly from that first choice but it doesn't remain consistent and i hate it for that.
    There's a few choices where Light is more "they will hate me but it's the safer option" and Dark is "It's a risk to do this but it's worth taking" and some are just "I act like a saint to everyone or I act like a dick to everyone"

  14. In the comics, the Hydra oath is "cut off one limb and two more shall take its place", so the many-limbed logo makes more sense.

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