Roleplaying Action-Adventure Arto Gets First Trailer

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Roleplaying Action-Adventure Arto Gets First Trailer.
Arto’s a blend between Okami and Hyper Light Drifter, and it has officially released its first trailer, Steam page and key art!
Roleplaying action-adventure, Arto, paints a new path with the reveal of its first-ever gameplay trailer.
Inspired by Okami and Hyper Light Drifter, the challenging third-person action experience is set in a warped world devoid of color.
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With an impressive arsenal of weapons to wield and upgrade paths to use, Arto sees players battle challenging enemies and banish brutal bosses in intense hack n’ slash encounters as they take on vividly colored beasts or battle adversaries drenched in shadow.
From pixel to pop-art and everything in between, each of Arto’s six worlds have their own unique themes, playstyles, visual perspectives, challenges, and bosses.
As you adventure through, each of these locations becomes a kaleidoscope of color one step at a time.


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