River City Girls Zero – Launch Trailer – Nintendo Switch

YouTube video

It’s time to brawl like it’s 1994! River City Girls Zero, the 16-bit beat-’em-up, is now available on Nintendo Switch!

Team up with Kunio, Riki, Misako, and Kyoko for retro co-op action, updated with motion-comic cutscenes, a new animated intro, and new music by RCG1 composer Megan McDuffee and DEMONDICE!

Available now!

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  1. Wait…so the graphics are actually that bad? Damn, I thought it was just showing what they use to look like before being upgraded. Ouch!

  2. The distortion in the audio of this trailer is grating. It sounds like it was ripped from an old VHS tape, which isn't the sort of retro I think they were going for.

    Really need to upload a fixed version of this video. I probably would have been enthusiastic if it weren't for that.

  3. Well damn, guess that SoR4 and Fight N Rage might not be my only beat em ups in my collection after this trailer 😮

  4. Not a fan of the graphics in this one, but I get it, it's supposed to look like an old snes game. Hopefully the gameplay is very good

  5. I don't know if it's the music or the anime sequences, but I can't help but think at some old style (maybe 80s) Shonen Martial Arts Anime. Maybe they were going for exactly that.

  6. Wasn't this a normal river city game with kunio and riki's story and the girls were extra characters? What kind of cash grab scheme is this? 😀 😀 love the cutscenes though.

  7. Great trailer, honestly misread the title at first, thinking it read Riverdale girls lol then seeing the characters that resemble archie veronica betty and reggie was something else. Gonna check out shin nekketsu koha now

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