River City Girls Zero Gameplay Pre-Order Trailer

YouTube video

Manga cutscenes, butt-kicking action, and glorious 16-bit SNES visuals! River City Girls Zero is finally releasing with an official translation! For more information:

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  1. uhhhh, this isnt a River City Girls game. This is a Kunio and Rikki game, and they changed the name to market it as a River City Girl's game, when it isn't.

  2. Um dos melhores games de snes pena que não veio pro ocidente, já que tá vindo pra cá não vou mais precisar do emulador kkkk

  3. I guess that obscure joke Hasebe and Mami made really didn't sit well with them, they just had to go and invalidate it

  4. Man, now I would kill for a port of Super/Return of Double Dragon where they actually finished the game.
    Really glad to see this get an official english release too.

  5. > I heard Kunio's name in there SOILIKEIT
    Sums up the fanbase nicely xD

    But.. I wonder if this'll lead to a River City Girls version of Shodai Nekketsu Kōha Kunio-Kun D: ( Super Nintendo game, I got a video of it if you've never heard about it ) That'd be awesome!

  6. I'm surprised they didn't point out in 2022 why they are still in highschool if the first game came out in the 90's

  7. Esse jogo não é novo…. copiado … O original se chama RIVER CITY RAMSON e foi lançado a época para o NES.

  8. I was so disapointed it was "JUST" an official translation. (ok… with anime scenes etc)
    I really liked this game back in days, and the design of the characters was outstanding…
    Hope one day They'ill make a true remake of this game with classic style characters but new graphics, new moves.
    0:58 just look at them, they are PERFECTLY designed here… I would k!ll for a modern game with these classic characters in THIS style, (not small kawaii/SD style.)
    RCG is already very nice, but you can definitely feel too much the western touch on it… Please, tell me it's jsut the beginning of something bigger……..
    The anime parts are great BTW…

  9. They're creating their own Mandela Effect now. Ha! Even I was second guessing if there actually was a 1994 River City Girls

  10. so im a bit confused viewing this all from the outside. as far as i know the River City Girls game is just about the 2 girls from Kunio's games. and looking up the original of this translation re-release, they were merely added as playable characters and its still mainly a game about Kunio-kun and friends. so its seems like a weird thing to do to brand it like its all about them when its just the first time they were playable.
    but i am only viewing this all form the outside so maybe i have no idea what im talking about. very likely.

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