Rise of The Third Power Review – What's It Worth? (Early Access)

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Today we’re doing our Rise of The Third Power review! This modernized take on classic JRPGs has everything that fans of the genre are looking for with immersive gameplay and a great story.
*Thank you DANGEN Entertainment for getting me a copy for this review!*
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  1. I was thinking a lot about this game today, watched some reviews, was ready to replay the demo… Thank you for including some info that no one else did, like the single exp bar and the leveling of accessories. Still, what holds this title back for me is its regional price, most indies charge around 40 bucks, sometimes the odd 50, but Rise is charging 64 bucks. Twenty four isn't that much in number, but it is more than a 50% increase that I'm having a hard time accepting when, as you've said, it doesn't really revolutionizes the genre.

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