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  1. As soon as I realized this was from the people who made Ara Fell, I would definitely keep an eye on it. Thanks for validating my interest.

  2. For 20$ this game is marvelous. Yes the early game can be tedious due to character limitations but it just gets better as it progresses and new characters get added. And one thing that was left out of this brief review is how excellent the music is. I highly recommend this game.

  3. This for sure is, without a doubt one of the best 16 bit (J)RPGS ever made. It is insane how excellent it is, I am in chapter 4 and have not encountered one real flaw. Insanely well designed story, solid battlesystem ans extremely realistic in so many ways. It took what many JRPGS did before it and optimized it. I am absolutely astonished by this game

  4. How's the battle pacing? I'm usually worried about indie turned based RPG since most of them discourage grinding, having enemies with way too many HP and plain difficult unless you have a certain specific skill.

  5. I remember when I saw crafting I been interested in it. I think I have it on wishlist so I won't forget about it.

  6. Personally, I'm not really a fan of bagging on stuff for its 'lack of diversity', especially in a particularly heavily saturated market where a market niche includes the 'predictable and familiar' as kinda the point, simplicity n all.

    But, I tend not to compare one game yo another unless it's actually relevant.

    For me, this is a nice romp down memory lane.

  7. whats this trend with these indie rpgs having great, sprite work and animation, but then awful character protrait art???

  8. I just discovered the game like a week ago. Great timing. Might check it out myself too. Ara Fell is a RPG Maker classic, it's nice to see them make a new game.

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