Rise of the Third Power Nintendo Switch Review

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Rise of the Third Power is a turn based RPG inspired by some of the classics of the 16 bit era. Is it worth getting? Well, let’s find out…

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Review written by Azdin (Grinning Wolf Games) and video created by Glen Bolger.


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  1. Thank you to Azdin at Grinning Wolf Games for writing this one for us. Please do check out his channel here: –

    Will you be picking this one up? Let us know in the comments section!

    Looking for eshop credit? Get OFFICIAL Nintendo Eshop Cards and other bits and bobs, at our new website and online store here – – 10% off until the end of February 2022

    If you are a physical collector you can use code "SUP2022" to save 5% at PlayAsia

    Happy gaming! Glen

  2. Already playing 5 hours, I really enjoying this games so much. development character and story in the first chapter really natural in a way IMO, combat system is similar chrono trigger to me but with Octopath traveler camera angle, the FX on a battle is really entertaining too really amazing, loved it so far!!

  3. The game’s pixel art and animation look great. I’m not crazy about the character portraits that pop up during dialogue through. Their style doesn’t mesh well with the in-game visuals. Something is off about them. Gameplay looks fun though.

  4. I’m adding this to the wish list. Makes me feel like a kid again watching this! I remember how awesome these 16 bit rpgs are and I loved getting lost in the stories

  5. Looks like a fun little game. Always nice to see a completed RPG Maker game! And XP is definitely the best artstyle. Will wait for a sale and get this.

  6. This looks incredibly enticing. We are living in the most spoiled time ever when it comes to game options. <3

  7. Great review! I just bought it and laughed twice in the first bit of dialog. I’m going to really like this game I think!

  8. No matter what I do, I NEVER get a notification that you have uploaded a new video. I’ve been a sub since you guys were at 40k, I’ve been a patron. And ever since October-ish, I stopped getting notifications. Anyways, great video as always. I wanted to leave a comment on this one so I could hopefully start seeing your videos as they upload. Keep up the great work

  9. I love the pixel art, but the hand drawn character portraits are so poorly done and amateur hour it makes me 100% not want to buy this.

  10. You guy make great reviews, you should review BLIPZ on the eShop. It looks like a sleeper indie game that might fly under the radar for most players.

  11. The pixel art looks really good in this one, and I like that the whole party levels up together. And the auto battle option sounds really convenient for when I don't have much time to play, which is often 😂 Another one for the wishlist. Thanks Azdin for the great review!

  12. I'm a good friend of one of the developers and was one of the beta testers for the game, and honestly I sometimes struggled to test it because I was having so much fun just playing it. But I also never had any issues repeating the same things over and over again trying to break them as a result. I'd also like to give the team a massive shoutout for how transparent and active they are in communicating with players, and how smooth and easy it is to work with them on implementing feedback and fixing bugs. I truly think they're only going upwards from here, and I can't wait to see what comes out of Stegosoft next.

  13. That'll do for me. Been keeping an eye on it for a while now and will buy it later today. Really good to hear it holds up.

  14. ah , yea if it was 15 i would of grabbed it for sure. I like the style and look. But it feels almost turned off to me that the enemy doesn't have any attack animations. which is extremely lack luster , more so when you get to those big baddy boss fights. Overall game still looks great. I guess my expectations are too high after playing octopath traveler and project triangle (demo)

  15. This game is so good. Already 4hours on straight gameplay, still not enough. I haven't addicted to game like this for awhile. Love this feeling…

  16. I know it’s related to age, but it just feels ‘less exhausting’ playing these kind of games on the Switch compared to some of the 100 hour epics on modern consoles.

  17. Another nice review from GWG. I feel sometimes you need those simplistic RPGs to break away from the complexity that games go for these days. With RPGs, it's all about the story for me so if I can get engrossed then it will be a winner in my book.

  18. this is a definite buy for me. looks amazing. the only thing i dont like is the cartoony style of the character portraits during conversation, but thats not a deal breaker. i just think a more serious art style would have fit better.

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