RIPOUT | Indie Gaming Interview | Survive with your trusty Pet Gun Companion!

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The Side Quest strikes again with a brand new Indie Gaming Interview!

Today’s indie gaming interview takes a look at upcoming Co-op FPS horror title, RIPOUT. Taking on mutant aliens with your pet gun companion, or team up as you explore procedurally generated derelict ships! RIPOUT’s retro vibe and intense gameplay is ready to make a major impact in the indie world in 2022!

In today’s interview with developer Pet Project Games we explore the challenges behind the titles development, the enemies players will face, and the roadmap moving forward as 2022 kicks off!

Let the horror begin!
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Until next time, stay curious, stay entertained and stay Gaming!

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  1. It's time to take a look at upcoming Co-op FPS horror title, RIPOUT! I had a blast sitting down with indie developer Pet Project Games to take a closer look at their upcoming title, so make sure to head over to their Steam page to Wishlist RIPOUT, and check out their twitter to stay up to date on everything on the way! (Links in the description)

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