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Defunct Games reviews Breakout: Recharged, available now on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Xbox One X, Switch, PC, Mac and Linux.

Breakout is another great entry in Atari’s Recharged franchise. By sticking to the original formula, this reimagined classic makes a strong case for why the 1976 arcade hit was so beloved back in its day. This Recharged version features some of the best challenge stages of the entire series, as well as a new-and-improved arcade mode with a lot of the options critics have been asking for. It’s not perfect and the widescreen playfield changes the dynamics in some frustrating ways, but Breakout: Recharged is a big step in the right direction. If this is how we’re going to start 2022, then I can’t wait to see what Atari has in store for us next.

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  1. Does anyone know what is "enhanced" for the Xbox versions? If it's just frame rate and resolution, I'll probably get it on Switch.

  2. I've always been a big fan of Breakout and this looks like an interesting spin. The price point makes it worth a try for me for the Switch. Nice review!

  3. Are you in cahoots with Noisy Pixel? Your review and choice of words are nearly the precise opposite of his take. Too funny.

  4. Atari, damnit. Every time I think they are about to pull their heads out of their asses, they do something stupid. Every, darn, time. It's to the point that if Atari were are person, I'd be calling for a psych evaluation fully expecting a schizophrenia diagnosis. Oh well, at least these re-releases are part of their good streak.

    But seriously, where's my Boiling Point Recharged?

  5. Would be cool if there was a paddle controller to go with this.

    QOTD, i still would like to see Tron redone like this.

  6. I remember dad had Breakout for his Atari 2600, and I wasn't very good at it, but still enjoyed it. As for the question, hmmmmm, maybe Yar's Revenge, Gorf, Missile Command, so many others can be picked from.

  7. I think the user reviews on Xbox Live will heavily disagree with your views on the recharged series, as they've given Centipede Recharged terrible review scores.

  8. Having just been playing through the updated Space Invaders that was on Xbox games with gold – this looks right up my alley! Haaa bat n ball pun ♥️

  9. I might actually pick this one up. Breakout and its clones were frustratig, but I had tons of mad fun with them.

    As for what game should get the recharged treatment, Psycho Nics Oscar. It's a platformer where you control a walking mecha and upgrade it with a powerup system that's a direct ripoff from Gradius. I wanna see that little jewel reimagined.

  10. Looks good. I personally liked Asteroids and Black Widow the best so far. I'll be picking this up on the VCS for the built-in paddle function of the Classic Controller.

  11. This looks pretty lame, tbh. We've been spoiled by amazing spins on the base game like Shatter and Wizorb. Rather just play the original which is more colorful and charming if I want a more purist take on the game.

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