Redfall – The Cryptid Hunter | Devinder Hero Gameplay Trailer

YouTube video

Meet the Heroes of Redfall: Devinder Crousley. A cryptozoologist and aspiring inventor. Armed with weapons of his own creation, he’s on a mission to prove himself.


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  1. Wow, bad graphics and 30 fps, those devs getting lazy with each year, or somebody useless is taking places of actual developers
    Why 70 bucks, tho? This game looks 20 bucks

  2. gives off deathloop vibes – could be a 10/10 but im sure the console inferiority with 30fps mode only would hurt the score of this game 100%

  3. Zelda tears of the kingdom nis 30fps and nobody is mad about that game , why everyone is mad with Red Fall because is a Microsoft ip ?

  4. At 30fps Redfall is going to feel terrible to play, of course the studio knows and still they intend to release it, a 60fps patch is MONTHS away else they'd tell us. Xbox is done this gen.

  5. Huge looter shooter fan and Prey is one of my all time favorites in my nearly 40 years of gaming.

  6. i'm really hoping the tone is a bit more cohesive by release. we can already tell it's a shitty one-liner kinda game, but i hope they don't impede too much on the semi-serious moments.

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