Reacting To *NEW* WORLD RECORD KILLS GAMEPLAY in Warzone Rebirth Island!

YouTube video

NEW WORLD RECORD KILLS! FaZe Swagg Reacts to Warzone Kill Record Gameplay in Warzone Rebirth Island to see how they …


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  1. bro i wish i could play against his enemys, my enemys always jumping and sliding into gunfights against me and play like pros.

  2. World record lobbies: people standing still, most bots.

    My lobbies: you get 6 stuns, push you in 4, you get 3 more stuns and 1 flashbang.


  3. he say's not hacking but why they downed so fast 🤔
    1- better connection …
    2- 0.5 kd lobby ..
    3-they play for fun not for youtube record

  4. Gorb and dill have gotten more ain’t the world record maybe for being solo but it ain’t the most kills on rebirth in general

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