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  1. Hey Das! Voice acting would be sick! I’m making a game, and I would love to have you do some for it! Its not very far at all (I’m working on it during my free time during classes) but when it gets to a certain point and I’m able to pay I would love to pay you for some lines of dialogue.

    Also, about the game, it’s a metroidvania.

    I got two characters which could probably be done by you;

    The magmatic titan: would need like fighting sounds because he’s a hulking beast and later in the game begins to return to his more human like appearance where he would actually speak

    The Titanslayer, who’s the main character. I don’t know why, but when I think of his voice I think of a slightly deeper version of your voice, so

  2. A bit late to this video, but I'm too lazy to go to a more recent video to leave this comment so I'd like to say that after finding your channel through your 'Cataloguing Rain World's Wildlife' videos, you've pretty quickly become one of my favorite YouTubers.

    I also do not know how to end this comment. I feel like just leaving things off on a genuine note would feel awkward, because this is the internet and everyone is therefore obligated to be a cynical fuck.



    Also I'm not British I just have an overly formal way of writing, don't worry.

  3. 'this is not a very speed-runnable game'
    the movement people on the rw discord would like to talk to you good sir1!1
    (also vulture masks can prevent one of the biggest culprits of RNG deaths, so.. woopsie)

  4. Spoiled the Depths for myself just to watch Das get merked by guardians and explode. 10/10 experience would do again

  5. hi, its me again, the guy that gave you 85 bucks out of the blue, anyways i play rainworld too much, so when you died i instinctively tried clicking the continue button but its a video and now i feel stupid so everyone has to know

  6. According to the internet, milquetoast is not in fact related to milk or toast, instead being the name of a cartoon character invented in the 1920s whose running gag was being incredibly timid. sage nod

    edit: oh no i have been ninja'd by editing-das

  7. 20:42 probably to prevent people from going into the void sea if they didn’t have enough karma, so people wouldn’t get stuck inbetween like the echoes.

  8. Also reinstall the effing santa hats, literally nothing can sneak up on you with the ever illuminenscent hats on everyone.

  9. I have beaten the whole game twice I still play it my main enemy is the scavengers every chance I get I hunt Them DOWN

  10. I believe speed mod cat is a slugcat made by five pebbles to self destruct himself on moon, the way it works is to put a timed explosive on slugcats leg muscles and make the explosive detonate if legs dont move in 5 seconds, how would he stay still around moon you Wonder? Well pebbles knows that slugcats are really dumb So when the slugcat sees moon he Will be like: "what tis?" or you know just put a computer chip in sluggos brain that Will make him go to moon when he sees her but ey anything is possible im the guy trying to explain a challenge mod in a lore way so uhhhhhhhh you know

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