Raiden IV x MIKADO (SHMUP) For Nintendo Switch

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“Raiden IV x MIKADO” is something of a remake of Raiden IV on the PS3 and Xbox 360. You can also buy the game on Steam.

I bought the Switch game here: It seems to have included the soundtrack. If you prefer digital, you can buy it here:

When I was a teen, I played the first Raiden SHMUP game and LOVED it. Since that point, I have played every game in the series. During the PlayStation 2 (PS2) days, I tracked down the “Raiden Project” for the original PlayStation (PS1). The “Raiden Project” contains the first two Raiden games. These games were originally developed by Seibu Kaihatsu. When Raiden III was released on the PS2, I had to buy that one. When Raiden IV was released on the PlayStation 3 (PS3), I had to buy that one too. Unfortunately, I only have the digital edition of that game.

In this video, I show “Raiden IV x MIKADO” is featured. From what I can tell, the soundtrack is the dominant change.

I’ve been meaning to do a designated video on this game for some time.

I made a comment during the stream about the physical game coming with the soundtrack. It does not. Raiden V comes with the soundtrack. Raiden IV has a far better soundtrack
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  1. I've always liked Raiden IV, i find it better than III and V. I have it on pc and physical on ps4, hopefully they will revisit the franchise in the future.

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